Friday, April 25, 2008

Almost Heaven

I'm packed and heading out first thing in the morning.  A blissful (hopefully) 5 day retreat awaits.  I don't have a problem packing for vacation in a college town, that's easy.  Jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, jammies and clean underwear. Clothing wise, this is a no-brainer trip.  No fancy dinners are planned though we do have a fancy Sunday brunch planned at a wonderful spot where my niece fell head over heels for a boxer pup last fall.  I'll wear jeans, a tee and flip flops to that and we'll take the dog to the spot we all first met her.

I'm packing the following meds: levaquin, medrol dose pack, albuterol and my personal favorite today, robitussin with codeine (I haven't slept due to my cough for 5 days.)  I promise not to take the codeine until I reach VA.  After that, I'm having a lie down.

I am having a bit of difficulty deciding just which yarn to pack.  I packed ALL of the yarn I'm using to work on my sister's anniversary/house warming gift (even the stuff to make the edging.)  I took out the yarn swift and ball winder and rolled it all.  I think it may be ambitious but perhaps I'll be inspired.  I packed the rest of the pink sweater yarn in case I get to start the sleeves (I am so close to binding off the sweater-I swear.)  I packed the Chinatown Apple Smooshy and extra sock needles.  Also in the bag are two other socks I'm working on.  That should do it and if for some reason I find myself yearning for something new, there are two decent yarn stores in town.  I should leave my amex at home.  I don't suffer from project loyalty (much) but feel inspired by a variety of options (yeah, right.)  I also packed one book, nothing special and my favorite, ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) review.  I can't believe I'm taking this......

As soon as Miss R is on the bus for school, I'm off.  I'll send pictures from the city that gave us 3 U.S. Presidents- Jefferson, Madison and Monroe.   If time permits, I want to wander around Monticello again.  At a store on the grounds, I can buy seedling plants from Jefferson's estate.  I'm hoping for a little lily of the valley and anything else I think may grow well this far north. I'm also hoping to snag my very own picture of one of these creatures.

 For my musical enjoyment today, I've removed the dog's music and replaced it with this:

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