Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Cracking Up

I love my MacBook. I love the seamless way in which this computer works. I don't miss my PC in the least. From the moment I plugged this thing in, computing has been lightening fast and oh, so easy.

I'm disappointed in the package though. The casing is a bit frayed on the edge. The lower right edge. I thought it was something I did so I slapped a piece of tape on the corner to keep the plastic from scratching my wrist every time I used it.

Today, having nothing better to do, I googled cracked MacBooks. Whoa. Apple of my eye, you've got an issue(s). Multiple issues. And all in the same place. Lower right corner of the bottom piece. There are so many cases of the "CrackBook" (not my coinage) that there is a Flickr site devoted to just such pix, a visual shame on you Apple.

(The dirty spots are tape residue. I DID NOT use duct tape. I used a roll of transpore tape that "accidentally" came home in my lab coat. I'll take it back, promise.)

Well that got my germ-laden blood boiling so I set up an appointment with the 'genius' at my local Apple store. When I got there, I took my MacBook out and noticed a crack I hadn't seen in my everyday lighting (CF lights). My apple is cracked. Right on the top case. I haven't a clue how it got there but the genius indicated it must have been manhandled in some way. It has not. Right, like I'll buy that when I'm there with a MacBook with cracks in it while it's still in its infancy.

(Notice the 2 cracks between the apple and the leaf and above the leaf. Looked like Duke hairs to me. It was when I couldn't brush them off that I became concerned and looked a wee bit closer at what were apparently, cracks, not a pet induced design feature.)

I stood there looking irritated at my genius and not a little ill and got an order for a whole new case-on Apple. It'll be here Tuesday. So friends, if you're out there taping your little MacBook up like I was, think about getting a new case. There are people out there indicating they've received a new case even when out of warranty. You did not do this damage to the apple of your eye, the magnet that holds it closed did. Persevere with your local genius.


Rositta said...

My offspring is heavily into Mac, thinks I should change. I have this ancient (3yr old) PC laptop that has developed a small crack. This one's my fault thought, this computer is well travelled and has been knocked around in my backpack, hope your feeling better...ciao:)

Rudee said...

It's worth it, cracks and all. The MacAir is an eye opener and probably not prone to this problem The black case has fewer issues than the white but is $200 more. Evidently, I chose less in more ways than one.