Friday, April 4, 2008

Don't Lose Your Head

I've officially been accepted into the army of assassins for Sock Wars III. It seems I need a nom de guerre to participate. I immediately thought of the hateful Dickens character from A Tale of Two Cities. Yes, from here until I'm killed (or win), I will be known as Madame Defarge. She was a vengeful wench and I think this is the proper attitude to adopt-right from the beginning.

I am hoping for a few things from this contest of skill and wit.
  • To meet new friends in the knitting world I inhabit. The Knitting Universe is a great place with some very clever people who reside within.
  • The pattern that will be released on May 9th (my last post specified the 8th, but that was just disinformation-this is a war you know) is not a toe up pattern. I've never done one. It's not that I can't, but I've never really loved a toe up pattern enough to try.
  • I don't impale myself upon my own knitting needle. Madame Defarge died by her own gun. In a scuffle.
Last night, I surfed over to Jimmy Beans and bought two skeins of Tofutsies sock yarn (Sock Wars III is being sponsored by the company that makes this yarn). I plan to practice on the first one and use the second for battle. So today, I'm off to the library to take out A Tale of Two Cities to study M. Defarge's dastardly ways.


Rositta said...

I'm not so creative with names, I'm just plain old Rosibaby for this war. I better order some yarn quick...ciao

Rudee said...

I still hope I don't get your dossier. First, I wouldn't want to have to kill a friend. Someone else can do that. Second, I don't want your foot size to pop up on the stats or it'll be off with my head.

Rositta said...

He he he...