Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Relax Max

Pay attention now; there is a quiz at the end of this post.  It's relatively easy and there is no prize-except bragging rights.

How much money do music artists need?  Is it necessary to sell their original music so it can be played as background on commercials?   I worry that people won't even know who some of these artists may be but sure do know what product was being peddled.  Some ads are quite good but others are a downright embarassment both to the company and the singer.  For instance, do you know any grown man who would sit around in a group of musicians singing viva viagra-with a smile on his face?  In my not so humble opinion, the only true musicians who can play/sing Viva Las Vegas are The King and/or ZZ Top (or in this case, both).   Any other renditions are just not worthy.  Are men more likely to buy Pfizer's product because they've used this jingle?  I would hope not.  The way I see it, they've ruined it.  I'm grateful my son knew the original versions before Pfizer got a hold of it.  I hope it's either Elvis or ZZ Top or even Las Vegas he thinks of first when he hears it.

Pfizer isn't the only company using pop music to sell their items:

One Way or Another by Blondie plays in the background while we watch a little mop pushing the dirt around on floors.  Who wants to mop when listening to Blondie?  Not me.  Out of spite, I don't own a swiffer.  I'd rather wash floors on my hands and knees.  I don't care how good the song is, it doesn't make their product good.

Like A Rock by Bob Seger for Chevy Trucks.  Although there are some pretty hot looking guys used in their ads, they've still ruined this BS classic for me.

Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin with a Cadillac driving yuppie hitting the road in a gleaming new ride (giving credit where it's due, their original commercial that aired in 2003 was an eye and ear grabber).  I still think of the Cadillac when I hear this song now.  Not LZ.

Does the youth of today even know who Dinah Washington was?  Tis a shame if they think Doubletree Hotel's (aka Hilton) advertisers came up with the jingle Relax Max all on their own.  They aren't that talented although I'm sure they'd like you to think  they are.  Nowhere within that ad is credit given to the singer of that tune.  If you didn't know who it was, you'd have to research it.  It's Dinah.  I have the whole song here for your enjoyment.  Unfortunately I couldn't find an original video to go with the voice.  This version will have to suffice.  Enjoy.

I'm glad you're still playing along.  Now, I don't really need to entertain you with my eclectic and sometimes boring taste in music.  The playlist I've added to my page has some songs you may be familiar with.  Maybe you grew up listening to the song.  Maybe you've heard it on an ad.  I'd like you to try to place the ad with the song for the first five songs on the list.  Bragging rights go to the first person to get all five right.   Extra point for the Spice Girls song.


Willowtree said...

The think I've always loved about ZZ Top is that the drummer's name is Frank Beard, ironic no?

Oh, and I've seen that red hot rod they have too, it's at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Rudee said...

Isn't Frank Beard the only one without the beard? It is ironic.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I never should have tried this at night after a long day at the office and on only 5 hours of sleep. As I listened to them I thought I know all of these. Yeah sure that one is that funny commercial and that is the one where the girl won't smile on vaca. For the life of me now though my brain is on shut down so i am going to watch part 2 of CSI Miami and sleep like a baby :) tomorrow is a new day. Good one Ruth

Rudee said...

Oh Fannette, you disappoint me. I thought for sure YOU would get an A on this quiz. You got one right--it's Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Using Iggy's Lust for Life. Next quiz will have to be famous one liner's from the movies. For certain, you'll shine.