Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To market, to market to buy me some figs

One of the things I love best about visiting my sister is the inspiration I take from her kitchen, and in this case, her bar. Wasting no time at all after arriving home, I went to the Italian market across town and bought 2 pounds of dried Turkish figs, fresh squeezed orange juice and a fifth of Grey Goose vodka. Once home, I diced all of those figs and plumped them up in the heated juice. Now the figs are in the bottles and soaking in the vodka. The Fig Preserve Martini recipe (along with how to make the infused vodka can be found here). Talk about delicious...this martini is amazing. In about a week, I can make one and though I can't recreate my surroundings, at least I can recreate what I drank. To clarify the recipe, I decanted the vodka and kept it to the side. Cook the figs only in the heated orange juice. Strain the figs, put them in the bottles (in this case, I doubled the recipe to use the whole fifth and had an empty spare bottle on hand--you could put it up in mason jars), and then top with the vodka. Let it infuse for a week to ten days. Believe me, it's worth the wait.

Maybe the martinis are the reason I didn't do a lot of knitting in Charlottesville, but I managed to get some done in the car during the boring parts of the ride. Like Ohio. Sorry to my Ohio friends, but Toledo to Cleveland is one dull drive. I did drag my wheel out in Virginia and spun some pretty yarn. Above you see about 100 yards of 3 ply BFL in the Sangria colorway. There's more on the wheel right now and I'm hoping to get, fingers crossed, another hundred yards to make this shawlette.

It's back to work for me today. It's hot and miserable here in Detroit, though I'm sure it's no better elsewhere. We reached 98° on the thermometer yesterday, but the expected high today is way better: 92°. I'm going to try to stay cool, but that all depends on my patient's homes. Sure hope they'll have central air.

In answer to Pam's question yesterday...that twisted stone path is in my sister's backyard. Wish I was still there.


Miss 376 said...

oooh, that martini sounds good

Rose said...

That vodka sounds delicious. I may just try some. Also, would the yarn you gave me work for that shawl pattern or is it too bulky? I'm working on a Citron now (my first) and so far it's going well (fingers crossed).

clairedulalune said...

Hello there Rudee! you know something, i have never had a martini. Probably because it doesn't contain gin. I must try one one at the weekend. You, my friend, are a enabler. Good to visit here again, sorry i was away so long!

Gail said...

Vacation may be over, but you will always have figs.

NCmountainwoman said...

I love figs and that looks like a great drink to try.