Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pushing Comfort Levels

How did this happen to me? Once comfortable being a clothes horse, I now avoid buying clothing that I may wear once, then never again. Before I moved for the first time last year, I donated bags and bags of clothes. I did it again when I moved this year. My closet now contains only a few musts like casual trousers, jeans, a couple of blouses, navy blue scrubs and not a few hand knit items. Apparently, I even gave away the ubiquitous little black dress.

None of what's hanging there is appropriate for a wedding this weekend.

As panic sets in, I realize I have to shop for a dress. And shoes. It simply won't do to pair a dressy little thing with Danskos. Even the leopard print patent leather Danskos won't fit in at such an event.

As if that's not bad enough, my life in capri pants, scrubs, t-shirts and tank tops has given me some odd looking tan marks (but that will be fixed with a spray tan). My hair needs to be cut and my nails need a miracle worker.

I'm about to do something I've not done in a long time: go dress shopping. Fancy dress shopping. I'm surrounded by resale and consignment shops, so I'm going to start there. If I see nothing by the time my shift starts, I'll branch out to discount retail stores by tomorrow and if there is nothing there, I'll bite the bullet and go to Nordstrom later in the week. I only have until Saturday to find something to wear. Lord knows I don't look as good as the woman in the Bluefly.com commercial who looks in her closet, finds nothing to wear and so goes naked to the party. My ACLS skills are rusty, and I don't want to be responsible for anyone's cardiac arrest.

When in the world did shopping become such a chore?

And where did I pack my Spanx?

Wish me and my fat rolls luck. We have a little miracle to perform by week's end.


SkippyMom said...

I still don't get the concept [or necessity] of a spray tan. Good luck on dress shopping.

Still think the leopard print would be awesome. :)

Silliyak said...

You'll be fine.

Jadekitty said...

Don't stress too much :) You will find the perfect dress!

Winifred said...

Hope you're successful. Shame you don't have a Marks & Sparks. I always seem to find what I want there whether it's for the beach or a posh do. Not that I go to many of them.

Have to say I nearly always wear trousers now with a nice top. I don't do hats though. The glasses get in the way. I do like those fascinators though. Luckily I don't have to go to too many weddings. You can enjoy yourself shopping, if you make time for nice coffees & scrumptious cake.

jeannette said...

With yout knitting eye for what looks good, you WILL find the dress!
Do you have to be perfect? I think they'll love your presence:)

ari_1965 said...

If you find something secondhand, will you have time to have it dry-cleaned before the wedding?

I don't mean to complicate things. At least I don't think I do. I don't know. Maybe I do. What was I saying?

Ditto on Winifred's trouser idea. Silk? Linen?

Brenda said...

Why did you do away with the black dress???? That will never go out of style..will it? I searched and searched one year for the black dress, because that was what I wanted and could not find any. I will check out the resale stores. You will look great in whatever you wear!

Rudee said...

Skippy--first, the spray tan will be done by a family member, so it's free. Second, flab looks better tanned--or at least that's what I like to tell myself. lol

Jeanette--nope. Don't have to look perfect, just put together.

Brenda--I donated the black dress because I can no longer pour myself into a size 8 dress. sniff. seems everything's gone south and pools around my hips. Damned muffin top. lol

Rudee said...

Winifred--scrumptious cakes are the reason I could no longer fit in my little black dresses. sigh.

Finding Pam said...

In the summer my fashion relaxes with capris and tees. Arg...I hate to shop when it is hot.

Wishing you find that perfect LBD and shoes for the wedding.

My youngest son is graduating from the Fire Academy on Sat. Luckily it is casual and I still don't know what to wear?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

how exciting, a wedding and a new dress! (look at it that way and maybe it won't be so bad...)

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

I would go with the slacks and a nice top. But I am old as dirt and nobody cares what I wear. Not a bad place to be in. Love ya

Stephanie V said...

Well, I'd be excited to shop for a fancy dress - black or not. Maybe not when it's compulsory to find one, though. Good luck...I'm sure you'll find something. It's amazing what's in the consignment stores these days.

Michaela said...

Spanx? I am trying to imagine what they might be. Good luck! I had a similar dilemma when I had to perform in a Band concert recently. The dress code was "classy, black". It's hard to get me out of track pants normally! I ended up wearing a black skirt and black sweater that approximated classy. Secretly though, the skirt had an elasticized waist band!

Gail said...

May your joy come alive when you hit the shopping trail.