Sunday, July 25, 2010

Relief at last

The first thing I noticed today was that for three days in a row, I've awakened with no alarm at exactly 8:54 AM. What's up with that? The second thing I noticed when I opened the door to let the beast outside is that the sky is blue, the grass is green again, everything is wet and the wind is from the north.

The north.

Thank you, Canada!

Blessed relief from the triple digit heat index that's enveloped metro Detroit is exactly what I've been looking for. If anything around here has worked harder than me this week in this heat, it's my central air. I shut it off and opened the windows.

The torrential rains we've had, for what seems like days on end, have not brought cooler conditions. Friday night, as I drove from one patient to another, I watched my car thermometer drop 20 degrees in five minutes when a storm front moved through, but this did nothing for the humidity. It was still up there. Today it's gone.

Yesterday I did nothing. The heat, humidity, approaching full moon and my schedule finally caught up with me. Spending most of the day in my jammies, I chose to knit instead and fell into that black hole of knitting. You know, the one where you knit for hours, use up yards and yards of yarn and still, whatever you're knitting fails to show any appreciable gains on the tape measure? That knitting black hole. Around midnight, I threw in the towel and went to bed. Today, I noticed that I only have around 4 more lace repeats before I begin the neckline shaping of the Vogue magazine cardigan. How in the world does that happen? I could have sworn I wasn't that close to a break in the pattern.

The knitting has to wait a bit today. I plan on enjoying this change in the weather with a walk and lunch at a local cafe.


Devon said...

How wonderful... you deserve a break. Enjoy your day!

I'm taking my daughter to volleyball camp, she gets to play all day in an unairconditioned gym, the expected high temp today is 98. I'm staying indoors!

P.S., Please post more pictures of the vogue cartigan, I love seeing your projects evolve!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sounds like a marvelous plan to me!

smiles, bee

Gail said...

Enjoy your wonderfully cooler day. The thread will wait.

Finding Pam said...

If and when our weather cools down, I will work outside in the flowerbed.

It is too hot right now. I am glad that you have a reprieve from the heat.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for this heat to break. We had the storms, major ones, but it just made it seem more tropical. I'm waiting for when I can turn my a/c off and ventured outside again. Which is what I think you should do. Enjoy your day.

Miss 376 said...

Hope you are feeling more refreshed now. All that knitting had it's reward

Brenda said...

We woke up at 9 am also the past two days. We never do that! The weather here has been flash floods, high winds, and hot as hell. Glad you are getting some relief and hope you are getting some relaxation in.

Anonymous said...

So glad you folks got a break too. We have had rain, just enough, for three days and it has been cooler. Sounds like things a moving on the cardigan.

Rositta said...

Your Welcome, glad you enjoyed our wind. We've had the same weather as you and tonight I can sleep with an open window instead of C/A...ciao

Winifred said...

That's good news for you. You certainly get extremes of heat & cold. Glad you enjoyed your day in your 'jamas even if you didn't think you'd made much progress. It's so nice to be doing something you like.

laurie said...

90-something yesterday, with a heat index of 104. the air was thick, like a sweat sock.
and then a storm blew through. it is gorgeous this morning. a refreshing breeze. diamonds of rain lace our window screens. the dogs are happy.