Sunday, July 11, 2010


I spent the better part of an hour today trying to untangle one of the skeins of no longer stinky silk that I washed. I should have known better than to throw all of those skeins into the spin cycle of my washing machine. One of them appears hopeless, but I won't know until I try. No way will I get it on a swift, but I'll try to get the job done by hand... a good thing to do while watching hours of cycling. The sweater bodice is done, and now there are only a few miles of stockinette to complete. The nice thing about this sweater, since I'm weaving and trimming ends as I go, is that once it's done, it's done. Attach a button and it's good to go. I'm in no hurry since it's hot as hell here. Again. No chance I'll need a sweater anytime in the near future.

After lunch, I spent a couple of hours helping the search party on Ravelry. This required me to go through all of my booklets, magazines and books to be sure everything I own is uploaded in my notebook first. It was fun to thumb through items I haven't looked at in years. Years. I saw all over again, the reasons I bought those publications in the first place. The search party is a win-win for Ravelry and knitters. Of course, the reason I did it at all was the 35 attempts to score one of the prizes. We'll see. Every pattern I added labels to is entered to win. I still have 11 that I skipped, so if nobody else tries, I'll go back and label those. I got bored looking at that book.

Did you label any of your patterns for Rav?


Stephanie V said...

Um...I'd rather frog and reknit a whole sweater than do that kind of picky work. I'm very glad that some people enjoy it, though, and I know I benefit. Those prizes are almost an incentive to change my personality. Wow! Any one of them would be great.

Rose said...

I did! Also, for the prizes, rather than altruistic movtivation! I think I only did 11 though. It looks like they'll finish ahead of schedule too.

Brenda said...

I keep forgetting to go there (Raverly) until I come here and you remind me. Thanks!

Michaela said...

You know, I really can't knit in summer. I can't stand it! I only knit when it's cold, as it is for us at the moment. xo

Sarah/fiberstory said...

I did! I did!

I managed to do about 40 of those pattern things.
Can't wait to see who wins!

It certainly was fun to look through all of those books and leaflets again. Unfortunately, now I have a longer list of projects I'd like to start. :P

xo Sarah