Thursday, March 25, 2010

Send a Masseuse

Oy. My back is killing me, but for the most part, we're done. I swear, I don't know where I accumulated all of the junk I own, but believe me, I'm going to be having one giant yard sale soon.

My appliances won't be here until next week. Wednesday, now. Home Depot (they had the best prices) called last night and told me, "the refrigerator you ordered last night won't be delivered until April 30th; will that be a problem?" WHAT?!?!?! I wasn't home to take the call--a good thing, because I wasn't exactly feeling benevolent at the time, and I really hate to waste good swear words on people I don't know. I waited an hour to call them back. What I got for my composed politeness and thinly veiled threat to cancel the whole order was an upgrade to a fancy-shmancy fridge worth $300 more.

A few of our moving high points:
  1. My new house is overhauled, but still 84 years old.
  2. People must have been little 84 years ago, and so were their belongings--I can tell because the doorways are small.
  3. It isn't the best business practice to select a moving company because they come up first in the phone book. Ours quoted us one price, but when they showed up, the first words out of their mouths were that they had underquoted us by $350. I know that someone in this house picked them first out of the phone book because their company name began with the letter A. I won't name names. I should however issue all All Pointes bulletin on these thugs. They bent the frame of my Tempur-Pedic bed, and we all know that if I have a prized position that rates one step below my yarn, this is it.
  4. The movers had great difficulty moving the family room furniture into what has been dubbed, The Man Cave. They smudged the freshly painted walls all the way down the stairwell. The men installing the cable lines were so annoyed, they pointed this out to me.
  5. Everywhere the cable guys drilled, they left a pile of sawdust for me to clean. In my world, we say that's the pot calling the kettle black--they turned out to be slobs, too.
  6. Last night, we finally sat down to celebrate my birthday with dinner at a local Irish pub. Everyone had the corned beef. I practically licked the plate clean, but the rest of the family was disappointed. They said it wasn't as good as my corned beef dinners. I loved it, either because I wasn't the cook, or because I had chugged a beer to impress my children that although 53, I can still put a beer away and this made my dinner taste better.
  7. I am secretly VERY worried that my appliances are NOT going to fit into the kitchen. Very. Worried. I have 6 days to figure it out, and I don't think New Math is going to help.
Although I've taken photos, I can't find the transfer cord. If you could see what I see right now, you'd know why I can't find anything. I have to unpack my way out of every single room.

The place looks like a bomb hit it, we've become the Bickersons overnight and my husband told the man who does repair work for us that he'd like to have a shoot out with me right now. I couldn't imagine why. He said, "don't worry, my gun won't have real bullets." Hmm. Mine probably will.

Start raising that bond.


SkippyMom said...

Rudee did you actually buy appliances without measuring the openings for installation? I hope I am reading something into what you said and you just think they won't fit.

The house does sound lovely. I so wanted to purchase my grandma's farmhouse but we would have had to raise the ceilings in the "family room" because Pooldad is 6'3" - but boy I would've given anything.

That isn't the reason we weren't able to buy it. My father owned it after her death and he "decided" it wasn't a good move for us to buy it. Think $$$

SkippyMom said...

P.S. by $$ I mean he wanted a whole lotta of it for the house and we were able to afford $150,000 [15 years ago] and he wanted more.

It languished on the market at his inflated price and he ended up selling it for $135 K.

Yeah, I am still bitter ;)

Rudee said...

Nope. I measured EXACTLY for where the appliances will go and completely forgot to measure the doorwalls. It's going to be toyt. The dryer may not go down the stairwell without a few prayers and the removal of doors, railings, etc. Sniff.

Aka_Diva said...

I can't wait to come visit!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! Love you Mummy #2!

NCmountainwoman said...

We had the best move ever and it was still a nightmare. Just keep looking forward. Someday it will all be arranged and you can sit and knit to your heart's content.

I'm pretty impressed with the beer chug. Not at all sure I could do it.

Stephanie V said...

All moving is a nightmare. Somehow those doorways don't really seem important. We still buy an appliance and cross our fingers. Or we make contingency plans for the back door. You'll find a way.

Gail said...

Old doors are a problem but that also adds to the charm of the house. You may have to choose one door to enlarge and find an awesome recycled old door to replace it.

Find that cord, I am wanting to see all the pictures.

Believe this, one month from now, you will wonder why you were ever worried. It will all fall into place.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Rudee! My you sound sooo young to me. Glad things are coming together with the move...

Rositta said...

I'm laughing my way all the way through this post. We had to remove the refrigerator door to get it into our kitchen sideways. We had to cut our boxspring in half and fold it in order to get it up to the bedroom and we couldn't get the sofa down to the man cave and ended up buying a futon. Our house is also over 80 years old so I know exactly what your talking about, that's why I'm laughing. Try to keep your humour, hide the guns and I'm sure it will all come together...ciao

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, Rudee, I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! And many, many more. Moving is always a real bummer. I think you're managing well. And you had me chuckling throughout this post. Your sense of humor is what is getting you through all of it.

Birthday Hugs and Blessings,


Anonymous said...

I can just see you now. Cute as can be sweating and cussing and chugging the beer. Things will be good again soon. You know. Hang on.

Finding Pam said...

At least those thugs/movers didn't steel from you. When we moved the stole a beautiful container that I kept our change in.

I did not find out that my favorite Santa was broken until this first Christmas. I worked and worked to glue miniscule piece of it back together.

I love old homes. They have so much character. I hope all fits well and according to your plan.

Have a great weekend.

Joanna said...

You've moved! That's great! Have a rest now and know that things will sort themselves out. Happy new home and happy birthday!

Ruth said...

Hope you have now had time for a good glass or 2 of wine.

The Crusty Crone said...

Put the gun down. Put it down NOW and step away.

I've never heard anyone give a good report on moving companies. Only horror stories, including extortion.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your appliances fitting (and getting delivered) but its gonna be interesting using the keyboard with crossed fingers.

Devon said...

Happy Birthday Rudee! You really know how to celebrate. A frind of mine is moving next week. She keeps telling me she is going to have a huge yardsale soon. I'm confused, don't you want to have the yardsale before you schlep everything 30 miles?

Rudee said...

Yes! Devon, you are right. Unless of course it's springtime in Detroit and you don't think your 20 degree temperatures will bring a lot of buyers. lol. It's freezing here, though on moving day, it was almost 70 degrees.

Sandy said...

again, you are too funny! However, as funny as you may be, I need PICS..lots of pics...Can't wait to see the house.