Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who Could It Be Now?

The Universe is conspiring against me today.  First, Rachel only had a half day at school.  While I'm busy trying to get things done around here, I'm chasing her around the kitchen in circles.  The phone keeps ringing too, and I'm close to turning the ringer off.  The county wants to send a nurse over here to evaluate my daughter.  Her only openings are Monday through Friday at 4PM.  I can't tell you how many times I told this non-listener that I start work at 4PM and her appointment times are not convenient to my schedule.  I tell her I'm off all day Monday and Tuesday next week, and she tells me she's too busy to come out on those particular days.  I have pleasing fatigue.  I'm tired of trying to make everyone else happy.  Now, since we've known this day has been coming for months, why am I only now hearing from a very important nurse about her very important job and her very inflexible schedule?  I'm trying very hard to roll with the punches here, but why do people think I should be the one to do all the bending?  It's my damned house I'm giving over to the greater good of 4 young women.  Why can't these people try to work with me with just a tad bit more flexibility?

Just as things finally settled down,  and I sat down to knit another row started to get another box packed, I heard a car blasting the horn in the drive-two toots every 15 seconds.  This went on for 4 minutes.  Just as he was pulling away to go find someone else to torture with noise, I snapped a shot of the culprit.  Silver Lincoln.  Could it be? Yes, it's  Mr. Larger Than Life in the wild.  I wonder, and I know that's a waste of time, why he can't come to the door like every other human on the face of the earth.  I will not respond when I'm summoned in this imperious manner.

Last week, he did come to visit and brought 2 stale donuts and some ice cold coffee.  I was told by those in the know, that the coffee and donuts were meant for someone else he tried to visit.  I was his second choice when they weren't at home.  Nobody is fooling me.  I bet they were home and like me, were just refusing to answer the horn.  Let me just say, if there is not suitable fawning over the extremely kind gesture of cold coffee and stale donuts, MLTL's feelings get hurt.  There will be retribution for my failure to acknowledge him having gone out of his way to bring this to me-never mind that I was his second choice, and the real reason he brought it is he can't bear to throw something like this away.  God only knows what he wanted today, but I wasn't going to risk finding out.  


Lisa L said...

I'm not quite 'in the know' about what is going on...but suffice to say... I read between the lines extremely well. God love you Rudee. Sounds like you are up to your chin in bullshit...whoever it is who is harrassing you? Fuck them....Sorry about the language...delete me if you want.. Lis xxxooo ( I will always have your back, regardless...)

Betty Flocken said...

GREAT story Rudee!!! SITS IN HIS CAR AND HONKS?!!! I love your lack of response

flydragon said...

Hahaha. I thought the sitting in the car honking was only used by teens. I guess I was wrong...again. Does this mean you can be expecting an early morning phone call that you won't answer?

Brenda said...

Well, at least you have the ability to tell a story in a humorous way Rudee! I am curious when you confront Mr. Larger than life with his horn honking, what his response is? Occasionally when you "stare these things down" they go away. He may not be one that responds to that technique. I possess a great "stare down face", if you'd like me to teach it to you. Ha.. The nurse may need some of the same treatment.

Rositta said...

Good for you for ignoring him. I don't respond to honking horns either. What's with the nurse though, you'd think they would be more cooperative with you, geesh, go knit...ciao

debra said...

Sometimes people lose sight about just why they are doing the jobs they do. For that nurse, it really isn't about her, it's about meeting Rachel and your family's needs. Someone needs to give her a good swift reality check.

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, hope tomorrow will be a much better day, Rudee, with everything going smoothly, and no rude interruptions! :-)


Sandy said...

Lack of response is the best reponse! Sounds like you have so much going on...I would knit instead of pack.

In need to come out here and hike with me.

Rudee said...

Lisa, I agree, and I wouldn't delete your comment for anything.

Betty-it's true.

Flydragon-I rarely answer his calls because it's futile to even speak to him. He can't HEAR A THING.

Brenda-I don't confront him because he'd yell at me. He scares me when he yells at me. I avoid him like the plague.

Rositta and Debra-don't ya think after 25 years, I could get a little courtesy from a fellow nurse. Nah.

Renie- Friday is for packing. So is Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I'm buying beer on the way home from work Friday.


Poetikat said...

Rudee - I don't know about the Silver Lincoln guy; you'll have to fill me in. I'm enjoying your tales though (and your little dips into knitting when you're supposed to be packing).


Winifred said...

Oh my he gets worse every time you tell us about him.

I want to see Brenda's staring down face. Maybe she'll give us a tutorial on You Tube.

I once had a tutor who stared but also didn't speak, that freaked me into saying stuff I didn't want to. Great pause/silence technique but I wouldn't put anyone through it. I hate silences. Obviously Mr LTL doesn't either.

Rudee said...

Kat-you can read about Mr. Larger THan Life (my father in law) in the insane asylum on the sidebar. He is, uhm, unique.