Saturday, March 21, 2009


This morning, the postal carrier brought me a most precious package. It was the urn I ordered from Debra (From Skilled Hands) and her husband Steve. Duke is finally at rest in a spot on my mantel, and this urn is a work of art. Sometimes when I'd look at my dog, I'd wonder how his black coat could appear to be such deep a shade of blue, so this piece is a great tribute to him.

I called to personally thank Debra for making this and we had a wonderful and long talk. It's funny, but from reading her site, I feel like I know her well. From Saturday's comments on my post, I'd say she's a fierce advocate and someone I'd like having in my corner. When I hung up, I had a feeling that in an instant, the world seemed a little bit smaller and more manageable. I made her a promise that I'd detour off my usual path the next time I travel to Virginia and come to meet her in person. I want to see her town that she so eloquently writes about every Monday.

On the day that Duke died, I got emails from quite a few people, including bloggers. One such email was from Brenda. She knew she had my address somewhere, but couldn't find it. Not wanting to wait, she scanned a beautiful card and sent it to me the fast way. I was so touched by her words of comfort.

A few days later, I got an email from a man named Steve Smith. Being a trusting soul, I opened the email he'd written to let me know that Amy had made a "fabulous donation" to his Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Montana as a memorial for Duke. I was flabbergasted. Like the Grinch, I think my heart grew two sizes that day. I'm touched to my core by the actions of people I know only through words.

Yesterday's responses to my post about lessons learned humbles me. Your words of wisdom and support give me the courage to plow ahead with all of the tasks ahead of me, including taking on government agencies. I'll do that Monday. Today, I'm going to reflect on the fact that indeed, this is a small world and we aren't so very different after all. We are all just trying to get by and if able, make a difference. Let me say here, you have all made a significant and positive impact on my outlook. Thank you for your inspiring words and deeds.


WT said...

Very tasteful, much better than what they did in Scrubs.

Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful colour, a lovely tribute

Gail said...

Very well said!

Brenda said...

That urn is so wonderful. "Handmade With Love" is the best gift ever.
I was just talking to someone yesterday about a book called "The World Is Flat". It is more business oriented, but I think blogging just proves how easily we can connect with like minded people. I hope to get to sit and visit with you someday Rudee. In person!

debra said...

Thank you for your kind and gentle words, Ruth. It is an honor to share such an intimate part of someone's life. I always smile when I think about Dukelicious.
The world is a lot smaller than people assume. We all live in one town, really we do.

laurie said...

that's a lovely urn. toby is still in the cardboard box his ashes arrived in. i have never been able to bring myself to open it.

aren't bloggers wonderful? they do such thoughtful things, say just the right thing. sometimes they make you mittens for no reason, and send them to you in the mail.

and you wonder why we all love you.

Winifred said...

That certainly is a wonderful tribute to Duke.

You're right about how blogging makes the world a smaller and much more friendly place. Maybe one day we could have a bloggers' convention and get to meet face to face.

I really enjoy reading your blog, you certainly lift the spirits Rudee, we admire your courage and humour.

Rudee said...

WT- I don't think I saw that episode of scrubs.

Miss-it's prettier in person.


Brenda-Me too.

No Debra, thank you.

Laurie- yes, bloggers are wonderful. It was Debra who gave me the courage to look in the box. She told me the remains would be bagged inside the box. She was right. They put Duke's name on the bottom of the urn which makes it that much more personal.

Winifred-I've been a downer lately. I have to carry hankies with me everywhere I go. For no apparent reason, or for all of them, I'm always tearful these days. I hope my humor comes back soon.

Sandy said...

That is so wonderful the emails and support you received after Duke passed. And I like the urn, it seems perfect. I will have to check out that person's blog ..

Cynthia said...

Rudee, it is your honesty that allows others to share their hearts with you. Beautiful sentiment to day...your lovely dog has a place to be. <3

I noticed that I hadn't added your blog to the Oasis Writing Link sidebar yet...I will correct that today. <3

Jane said...

What a beautiful piece. A great tribute to Duke.

Betty Flocken said...

Oh Rudee, I love Duke's Urn. It's beautiful. Debra is so talented as well as kind. You give back the strength you get from fellow bloggers. I'm with Brenda, I'd Love to visit with you in person.