Monday, March 9, 2009


I got on the scale last week and almost fainted. I knew that I'd gained a bit of weight over the winter, but sheesh, 14 pounds? I need to stop making pasta and baking lemon bars. Perhaps it would help if my brain could recognize one lemon bar as a serving size. Here's the thing, I always get through the holidays without gaining an ounce, and then it all goes to hell on January 2nd. Come the beginning of March, I get on the scale and panic. You'd think the snugger fitting clothes would be my first clue, but I usually find an excuse to explain that. You know, like someone dried my jeans on high heat and shrunk them. Again.

For two months, I've been eating my heart out to help me cope with all of the stress I'm facing. Interestingly, when I'm stressed in a different way, with something like a major loss, I can't eat anything. Since I don't eat when I feel this way, I usually find another outlet for my anxiety, like spending money on things I don't need.

While this month has pretty much sucked so far from an emotional point of view, it does mark the end of my self imposed yarn diet. I won 11 skeins of Cascade Jazz on Ebay last Monday, and although I found no joy when it was delivered Thursday morning, I've been showing the 1100 grams of brightly colored yarn a bit more appreciation today. Since I saved $100 by winning it on Ebay instead of paying retail, I took the savings and bought 2 pair of Keen's last night. They were on sale too and I think I saved about $80. One of them is a pair of Mary Janes that looked cute with my too tight jeans and my hand knit socks. The other is a pair of fleece lined, boiled wool slippers. How could I resist that? See how that works? I take the savings and keep on spending. I recognize that I'm using some discombobulated form of rationalization-much like the shrunken jeans-vs-expansion of my backside thought process. At this rate, I may be broke by April 1st. But what the hell, it's only money.

I know you can't tell, but this is a raglan top down sweater in Jazz, a thick and thin yarn. I cast on Sunday morning, and I'm already working on the body.

At 3PM today, I'll make a decision on the house. I'm seeing one last property that's--heaven help me--two blocks from my favorite yarn store. In fact, it's so close, I usually park near that house when I drive to the yarn store. Just think of how much I'll save by walking there. 

Fitted Knits Thick and Thin Cardigan, by Stefanie Japel

Top photo google images.


Miss 376 said...

Look forward to hearing what you decide with the house. What an appropriate name for that yarn, beautiful

Renie Burghardt said...

I have to self control when it comes to desert. To me a serving can be half of a cake. lol. Then it's time to walk it off, either outside, or on the tred mill.

That yarn is beautiful, and the house close to the yarn store would be great for exercise!

Have a great daym Rudee.



laurie said...

that's funny; i start gaining weight after the holidays, too. had to put myself back on WW a few weeks ago, it got so bad.

good luck with the house(s)!

debra said...

I share your pain with the too tight pants. I am drinking tea now, instead of coffee with that wee bit o'cocoa added to it. And fresh fruit for breakfast.
I thought of you during yesterday's all day rain. I thought of sitting and knitting. Wax on; wax off.
Good luck with the house hunt

Rudee said...

Miss, I'm going to see the house with a check in my hand.

Renie-two blocks to sit, sip tea and run my mouth is not exercise. I adore that store. Maybe walking around the store to look at all the yarn qualifies.

Laurie-My jeans are so tight I think I've sprouted a muffin top.

Debra-I am sick of rain. I did get an incredible amount of knitting done.

Rositta said...

I put on a little weight too this winter and now I'm living on fruit smoothies with a bit of whey powder thrown in. It's hard with prednisone right now, I always want to put something in my mouth, grrr.
Love the yarn, love the colors, just what we need for a gray day, color...ciao

owiatw said...

Since you have been Couped up in your house due to this great Michigan Weather(by the way did you start your ark?), your body naturally wants to retain some extra weight to keep you warm...
At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!!


Rudee said...

FTM, I did not build an ark this weekend, preferring instead to knit a winter weight sweater. I'm no fool, I know winter isn't finished with us.

MuseSwings said...

Beautiful yarn! The colors are very de-stressing. So are your new shoozies! I love them almost as much as your spend what you save habit. Perfection!

Brenda said...

Isn't it shocking how easy we can put weight on and then it is so difficult to get it off. I am speaking of myself really. I for one, am not totally convinced that being overweight is always about the food intake and... or... lack of exercise. I could end up writing a long comment about all of that.
I like your new project. Very pretty colors.
Also, I wonder why it is we (I) feel better when I buy something new? I do the same rationale as you for buying. If I have a $5 coupon I can then buy something in its place. Ha
Have a pleasant day!

Rudee said...

Muse, I always have an excuse for what I eat, and what I spend.

Brenda, I miss my hormones. I know that's what caused all this easy weight gain. Well that, and my complete failure to put the fork down.

Rositta, I'm going back to my whey loaded smoothies too.

Winifred said...

Think about all that exercise walking to the shop! You'll lose loads of weight if you go often enough.

Love the colours in that wool.

Betty Flocken said...

Good luck on the house! I love your yarn!!! Wish I could knit.. But I guess for now; I'll have to overspend on camera equipment

Jane said...

You won yarn!! It's a sign, I'm sure it is. Your luck is changing, Rudee.
Good luck with your decision today - 2 blocks from your LYS you say, hmmmmm, how deliciously tempting!

distracted by shiny objects said...

This house is practically going to pay for itself:>)I'm so excited!

Sandy said...

I'm the same way, don't eat when I'm stressed but when I'm not, I eat more. I'm not too bad in the spending department anymore. I like your slipper shoe things. Hope the house is a good one for you. I've only got a little time to get around blog world this morning cause I think there are more activities planned..haha....energetic ones no doubt...

I'll have to catch up more later when I'm home.