Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doggone It!

Poor Dagmar-all dressed up and nowhere to go. She was a sweet Dachshund.

Within the story of my life, there are recurring characters. They share certain qualities and physical aspects: warm bodies with cold noses, undying love, faithfulness and a desire to belong. With some dogs, I've had to share more than I expected. Like Heidi, another Dachshund who had a penchant for my Thumbelina doll. She went through a false pregnancy then took to my dolly as though it was her litter. I couldn't get near that doll for weeks. Since I can recall, I've always had a pooch. I'll admit I've made some spur of the moment choices that turned out to be colossal mistakes, but for the most part, most of my dogs have been great.

This is Dagmar and Layla. Mom called Layla, Lollie.

On March 4th, I felt the door to being a dog mom slam shut. I was certain I could never love a dog again. It hurts too much when they leave too soon. My older brother had his dog for nearly 20 years, and when she died, he never got another. He meant it when he said he would not get a new dog. He spoils everyone's dogs, but he won't get a new one himself.
Layla and Hildagarde

For weeks, my husband and son have been secretively searching for a new dog. They want one and keep telling me we are a dog family. We're meant to have dogs. Until Monday, I'd steadfastly refused to even look at pictures they would send me. There I was on Monday, looking for something online when I clicked on an ad for a local shelter. The next thing I knew, I was drooling over pictures of dogs, each one cuter than the one before.

Stranger beagle dogs I met driving down a country road

I have no plans for immediately getting a dog. I think I need to let the dust settle, but the other day, I strongly felt the heavy door creep open just a bit. There is room in there to love another dog. That Moose sure looks like a charmer though this time around, I think I'd like a dog of more manageable size. Like Hitch.

We're getting the keys to the new house today, and I'm back to work tonight too. The movers are scheduled for Tuesday morning. What I'm getting at with all this hemming and hawing is if I'm absent from this site (or yours), I've run out of time. Don't send the sled dogs to find me-not unless they're hauling beer and carrying muscle bound men who know how to pack and move.

See you soon and I promise, if nothing else, I'll post pictures.


Winifred said...

I'm like your brother I can't face losing another dog. I grew up with mine, Monty and when he left that was it for me.

I've always had cats and it's very hard losing them too. I'm down to the last two oldies now and every trip to the vet is full of apprehension. My husband says no more because they'll outlive us, these two are nearly twenty.

I think you're right to wait. I'm sure you're right, there is room in your heart for another dog when the time's right.

Best of luck with your move. We'll all be waiting to hear about it and see your pictures.

Here's a blessing for your new house "May the roof of your house never fall in, and those beneath it never fall out".

Take care Rudee.

debra said...

Onward, my friend!

Poetikat said...

You're like my husband - always perusing the dogs' page on the adoption sites. We have four cats and a dog is out of the question right now. Did I mention they are senior cats? They would be less than pleased if we introduced a pooch at this point. Still, we hanker after having one.

Best of luck with the move. Hope all goes well.


Sandy said...

Loved all the photos and gosh what a beauty you were (and probably still are0. I feel the same way after I lost my last dog. Until we know some day where we are settling for good, I won't get one. Cats are enough. I hope all goes well and smooth with the move and I hope you post lots of photos.

laurie said...

life's pretty damn hectic. but very soon now you will be moved in, the dust will have settled, and .....

sorry to hear that work was crushing today. that's the last thing you need right now.

Renie Burghardt said...

Of course, I'm out in the boonies so there is room. I had 4 dogs and lost 2 the past couple of years. Have two left, one is almost 13, but doing well still. And I have 6 cats now. Just recently I had 5, but one showed up around here half starved, so....my point is there is always room in one's heart for another animal.

Hope the move goes well, Rudee. Until then take care!



Brenda said...

I agree with Sandy. You were and are adorable. Fun to see what bloggers look like through the years. It seems most of us don't post many of our old photos like you just did. So that was fun! Maybe some of the rest of us will follow suit. Hope those strong men show up to help with your move. Remember to remind them all you have a bad back. Take care these next few days or weeks.

Ruth said...

Take care I love Winifred's blessing it is a beautiful sentiment.
Good luck with the move.

Rudee said...

I may need to frame Winifred's Blessing or have Debra make it into a tile. Very nice Winifred, thank you.

Gail said...

Love the blessing.

When you get settled in, catch us up.

...and, yes, you will have room for another dog, your heart is large and your mind is wise.

Kathleen said...

Loved the trip down dog memory lane. I'll have to try that sometime.

I had a neighbor who had six bisenjis. Ten minutes after I got home from leaving the body of my sweet Gracie at the vets, I wailed, wretched with grief, then, exhausted, went to my neighors, who allowed me to sit in a puppy pile-up for god knows how long.

It was the ONLY thing that assuaged the ache.

Ten days later at a Petco rescue dog event, Charlotte tumbled out of a crate, into my lap on her back, put her paws on my face me, and the rest is history. She's a wiley little thing, that one. And my heart healed.

The right pup will find you, too.

Best of luck on your move. Can't promise I won't send the sled dogs though. Hard to pass up any opportunity to mush!

Betty Flocken said...

I'm excited for your move Rudee! I hope you'll be posting pictures of your new house and dog (hitch) soon. I'm excited about your new life in your new home and Rachel's new life on her own. I'm hoping and praying all goes well on both fronts. I'm looking into the beer and muscle bound men.. Blondes? Brunettes?
Take Care

distracted by shiny objects said...

You can run, but you can't hide...you're a dog family.

Love Winifred's blessing, and makes me laugh. In my neck of the woods, "falling out" means fainting. Won't tell you how many times as a young nurse from the suburbs I kept asking my patients, "FEll out of WHAT???" as they told me their medical histories and reason for coming to the hospital. Some days I'm my own Abbott and Costello:>)

Rositta said...

I never got another dog after mine died so I understand your brother. Now I'm glad because I wouldn't know what to do with a dog two months of the year and I certainly couldn't take one to Greece with me. There is a stray in Greece where we stay that I spoil when I'm there. There are many many strays in Athens. Happy moving day...ciao

Anonymous said...

Nice post...Where did you get those pictures?