Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just Another Day

We had a repeat of last Saturday's adventures in roommate screenings. I had a meeting with the advocate who'll oversee this assisted living arrangement, and we came to an agreement about creepy dad. He won't be visiting anyone who lives here, and he'll have to find a different home for his daughter to live in. It won't be Rachel's. I feel so much better about getting this off my chest, and I'm so appreciative of everyone's advice on this site.

Moving forward, we have 2 women in their early fifties, Miss Rachel who will turn nineteen this month, and a young lady in her mid twenties. All of them are very warm, friendly and charming. I'm so excited about this. Rachel is the most profoundly impaired of the four, but everyone needs supervision. At least my daughter won't be surrounded by people as impaired as she is, and I'm hopeful this situation will give her the opportunity to grow and learn from others.

Duke did OK with all of the women who visited, and their families, but he did not like the man who was doing some repairs here. Subsequently, the dog was banished to the back yard for about 20 minutes. You'd have thought I'd sent him to purgatory. When he came in, he was shivering like crazy so the kids bundled him up in my brother's Michigan blanket. That's what he gets for leaving this handmade gift just lying around like yesterday's trash. It was reclaimed, and as you can see, it's clearly gone to much better use.

Sebba was kind enough to model my neck warmers for me. I used cute silver buttons on the amethyst colored piece and some shell buttons on the other. I haven't blocked the lavender piece yet, so I don't think it lies as well as it will once I blast it will a little water and heat. Thank you Sebba-you really do showcase my work well.

The mittens are another story. It would seem I was nervous during these visits again, and I got a little carried away. The gauge was fine, but the length was simply too long. I just kept knitting around, and around and around. Knit 2, place thrum was my mantra, and I wasn't paying any attention to what my hands were doing-just sitting there channeling my anxiety into my knitting. Oh well, what's a little frogging? It keeps me humble.

***If you want to learn to do the thrum mittens, you can go here to see a tutorial. When placing the thrum, I insert the needle and wrap the yarn around it like for a regular stitch. Before I pull it through, I  place the thrum on the needle and pull them both through together. On the next row, knit the thrum and corresponding stitch together. This gives me the best stitch definition. They really are cozy-if a little huge at present. I'll frog tomorrow. For now, I've again been lead astray by--Heaven help me--crochet. More on that later.***


Miss 376 said...

Look forward to seeing the crochet. Glad everything seems to have worked out with the roommates. Love the shell buttons

owiatw said...

I have used my blanket faithfully.. It has come in handy...Could it be that the big one is losing his allegiance to The University of Miiiiiiichigan? Is he turning into a Sparty fan? Maybe we should start getting him Green and White gear?

Winifred said...

Pleased that you are getting things sorted for Rachel.

Yes that's a very lovely model for your neckwarmer.

Rositta said...

Sounds like things are coming together nicely for Rachel, good. Thanks for the tutorial on the mittens, I may give it a try...ciao

debra said...

I'm so glad you followed your heart with creepy dad. I wish you all growthful times.
The more I see what you've knitted and how you've shared your process, the more I think, "Hmmmmmm. Maybe...."

Brenda said...

Sigh of relief to hear all is going better on the living arrangements for Rachel. I am envious of Sebba's perfectly arched eyebrows along with her very pretty face. Oh to be young again! Well..I finally did go and get what is left of my eyebrows waxed by the pro. It does look better. Hope you will rest your weary head now Rudee.
To the commenter s who are toying with the idea of taking up is very addictive. But fun!

Rudee said...

Miss, I'm playing with Tunisian crochet. I'm in trouble! It's a beautiful stitch that delivers a fabric that looks woven. The front looks like a sideways knit stitch and the back looks like reverse stockinette. It took longer to find a Tunisian crochet hook than it took to learn the stitch.

owiatw--yes, I'll make him some Spartan gear.

Winifred-I'm relieved the search for roomies is over.

Rositta-they're fun to make and would come in handy in Toronto.

Debra-see Brenda's words of warning.

Brenda-Sebba had eyebrow issues too. It took months and months for them to grow back after her adventures in shaping!

Anonymous said...

WOW.... I must have been really tired yesterday not to notice how cute those neck warmers are! If I wasn't so tired, I would have snatched one on my way out. I really like the dark purple one.


P.S. Duke would like to know what you ladies think about his eyebrows?

Sandy said...

Gosh Sebba is beautiful and I loved seeing photos of your house, beautiful color on the walls.

Glad you are working out the details to your satisfaction and creepy dad isn't in the picture..

Betty Flocken said...

I'm so glad things are moving along so well with the residents. Glad creepy father won't be there ever. I think Rachel will benefit from being around the other women. Good luck with it all

Jane said...

Lovely neckwarmers. Like the choice of buttons too.

Rudee said...

Jane-I can't believe I just sold one. Of course, I'm not charging anything for it, but I sold it just the same. I can't say more than that since the recipient reads my site.