Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Have I Done?

In an effort to make life feel more normal, I took my oldest 2 kids out for an overpriced dinner at Brio.  I had two glasses of Cab with my steak, and tried hard to forget about yesterday.  The family doctor called to see how my son was and apologized for being an alarmist.  I don't think he was.  I think he did a good job, even though I've been like putty since yesterday.  Considering he has a pretty serious underlying cardiac condition, I think it's reasonable to put dizziness and cardiac abnormality together.  Frankly, I'm relieved all is well.  We're starting to think something may be wrong with the latest prescription my son had filled.  The medication is correct, but since he had it filled, he's been feeling like he's drunk and dizzy.  He's doing a trial off the meds with the blessing of the cardiologist.  He's less dizzy today.

Since we were having dinner at the mall with the intent to take advantage of Macy's wear red and take an extra 20% off, we went shopping after dinner.  I bought a cute winter jacket for $22.  Then I went into the Ralph Lauren department and bought a hand made sweater that's cabled and has ruffled cuffs and hem.   I'm going to cannibalize the thing to get rid of the hideous hem.  Really, it looks like a tutu which is not flattering.  On me, it's too-too much.  Without, it'll be a thing of beauty.  Original price was $280.  I got it for $50.  Tomorrow, it's gonna be me, my new Ralph sweater, a pair of scissors and some knitting needles.  I can't wait.  I'll take before and after pictures.

Uh.  This doesn't  count as buying yarn, does it?  Nah.


Anonymous said...

I did see the same sweater without the hem while you were paying for your tutu. I thought you liked the tutu, so I didn't mention it. If you get up early enough to beat the stampede, it's on the same rack yours came off of.

Thanks for dinner! It was very yummy!

Sandy said...

well I'm looking forward to seeing it too...hurry up and cannibalize it...why are you sleeping when you have "chores" to be done.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the gift to cannibalize clothing, how I wish I had it. So many shirts I would love, if they were not so overdone. I bet you will look beautiful. What a great deal!
I'm glad your son is not so dizzy. It is always scary when new symptoms arise in our children. So glad you went out and shopped.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Rudee said...

Anon-are you certain? I saw others but they had one big cable down the front but weren't like this. Hmmm.

Sandy, I need more than one cup of coffee and some peace and quiet.

Cheryl, I've not done this before. If it gets messed up, I'll unravel the whole thing and start from scratch. I think. I'm hoping just to have to do the hem.

Rose said...

My daughter does that with sweaters, although she usually gets them at the thrift store. You both are more adventurous than me. Good luck and good idea with the wine!

Brenda said...

Sounds like you all had fun. That was a great buy you found. Happy Sunday!

laurie said...

wow, goodluck. good thing i dont have to make alterations to the eileen fisher. if i i did, it'd just sit in my closet, unaltered, until i gave it to goodwill.

how do i know this?? ummmmm... not saying.....

Jen said...

lol about the tutu and the less-froo-froo one Anonymous saw.

I truly hope your son will be ok!

Rositta said...

Nah, not the same as buying yarn for sure. I'm sure it will be super looking when your done. We don't have bargains like that over here just yet. Re your son, drugs can do some weird stuff so maybe this is a good trial. They don't make metoprolol any more? Drug companies suck! I hope he gets the meds under control and all will be well...ciao

Rudee said...

Rose, I know I had too much wine when I bought this sweater.

Laurie-I own a couple of things like that!

Jen- Hi. I think he'll be ok. We'll see what the cardiologist wants to do next.

Rositta, we can still get metoprolol. There is a shortage of the XL form. There were some great bargains and some unimpressive ones. I thought the $22 winter jacket was a steal.