Sunday, February 15, 2009

We'd Need a Shoehorn to Fit

I know nothing is perfect, but I was so hopeful about the house we saw today. When we pulled out of the drive, I said to my husband, "wouldn't it be great to find a new home our first day trying?" It should come as no surprise to me that my dream house came up short. What's surprising is my disappointment. I've been sighing all evening. The nice part was I could look out the window of the family room and see the dome of the aviary at the Detroit Zoo-even though I know the leaves would block my summer view, at least it's something to look at in the winter. The downside was the sound of the interstate one block over and instead of birds, I think all I will hear is the steady drone of the main east-west artery that intersects the city. I drive that highway every single day of my life and there is never a time between 5 AM and 12 AM when that road has no traffic. Maybe Christmas day is the only slow one. Did I tell you the dome of the aviary is beautiful?

Outside those French doors in the living room picture was a small slate tiled porch.I envisioned a nice futon in there and a perfect summer sleeping porch. The only flaw for the tiny porch was the leak in the ceiling. For some reason, I don't think being rained on while I sleep is appealing.

The kitchen had been completely gutted and had brand new maple cabinets, granite counters and beautiful (real) hardwood floors. The kitchen was a quarter the size of my current space. That's not so bad since I rarely cook big meals these days. The living room was beautiful and full of architectural detail that the pictures don't reveal.

The bedrooms were fairly small with the exception of the master bedroom which had built in drawers and small little closets. I'm not much of a clothes horse these days, so I don't think that matters much.  The other rooms were Thumbelina sized.  Not so good when the manchild alone is 6 feet tall.  The last worry in the bedroom category was getting my dream bed up the staircase-could be a problem there.
The agent wasn't helpful on the answers.  We wanted an idea of what it cost to heat the place during the winter.  Her answer was that it depended on how high we set the thermostat.  Duh.  She never really answered the question.  I should have asked how much if she took into consideration that I'm not a hibernating creature and I need a little warmth.  You know, 66-68 degrees, maybe higher during subzero outdoor temps.

Well I'll put it on the short list and get back to the search.  It was almost perfect.


distracted by shiny objects said...

Good for you. You've scratched one off the list already. Next...!

Brenda said...

Darn! I had a feeling that the leak and the small bedrooms were the biggest disappointments. The pictures look great. I heard someone say once that they went and kinda walked around the neighborhood where they were planning on moving. If you can catch some neighbors out walking and strike up a conversation, you might be able to find out what it is like to live there, before you move. But I guess you would have to get lucky about the neighbors being out at the same time you could be there. What ever is meant to be will be, maybe. Keep your chin up!

laurie said...

well, the good news is, it's a buyer's market. there should be tons of houses out there. (don't suppose you'd like to buy my mother-in-law's house? the commute might be brutal from new hope, minn., to detroit, but we could cut you a nice deal.)

Miss 376 said...

Can't wait for the tour around the next one. Keep looking and when you least expect it, you'll find the one for you

flydragon said...

I had forgotten how small the bedrooms could be in the older homes. And closets smaller yet. I lived in one quite similar to that one but my kids were small then and smaller bedrooms didn't pose a problem.
The interstate only a block away though would tend to bother me a bit.

owiatw said...

From One of your Favorites Simon And Garfunkel:
At the Zoo
Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo
I do believe it, I do believe its true
Mmm-mmm-mm-mm, Mmm-mmm-mm,
Ohh ohh ohh, Mmm-Mmm-mmm

Its a light and tumbled journey from the east side to the park
Just to find a fancy ramble to the zoo
But you can take a crosstown bus if it's raining or it's cold
And the animals will love it if you do - If you do now

Something tells me it's all happening at the Zoo
I do believe it, I do believe it's true
Mmm-mmm-mm-mm, Mmm-mmm-mm
Ohh Ohh Ohh, Mmm-Mmm-mm

The monkeys stand for honesty
Giraffes are insincere
The Elephants are kindly but they're dumb
Orang Utangs are skeptical of changes in their cages
and the zookeeper is very fond of rum

Zebras are reactionaries
Antelopes are visionaries
Pigeons flocked in secrecy
and hamsters turn on frequently
It's a cast you have to come and see
At the zoo - At the zoo - At the zoo - At the zoo - At the zoo

Rositta said...

That is one nice looking house though. Too bad it's too small for you. Looks way bigger than what we live in, my kitchen is about a quarter that size, sigh. I'd give anything for a larger kitchen. Keep looking, the right house will come along...ciao

laurie said...

our 1912 house is sadly lacking in closets. NO closets on the first floor, so it's always a challenge where to put coats, boots, hats, mittens, scarves...

three tiny closets upstairs, one in each bedroom. and nowhere to build a new one. it's the biggest flaw of this creaky and lovable old house.

Rudee said...

As we were having a glass of wine last night, my husband said, "I know your heart is set, and we're getting that house." We're not buying, we're leasing because this housing market isn't as low as it'll go yet. We were hoping to find a decent house to lease, and if we love the house, we'll slide into a mortgage. I adored this house we saw and maybe I can put up with all the flaws until we find house perfect. I don't know. I want a decision in 2 weeks. I'm betting that now that I've seen this house, all others are going to come up short.

owiatw- just a fine and fancy ramble indeed.

Laurie- this house was built in 1917. Thanks for the sale offer, but my employer already gripes about my mileage...

debra said...

Closets are an issue in old houses--our 1830's house has 1 teeny tiny one upstairs, and 2 downstairs.
Old houses do have character that new ones lack. Good luck :-)

Betty Flocken said...

Rudee it looks like a beautiful home! I get the problem with the interstate though.. My sister lived near one once and they got use to the noise

the rotten correspondent said...

Oh, Rudee. I lived in Southfield until my mom and dad split up and I have the best memories of that zoo. Wow. That just took me straight back.

The house is great, but your shoe analogy is better. Don't settle. You'll find something you adore - in plenty of time to avoid living on the street.

Sandy said...

I really love the photos of this place, it looks like it has so much character. I would think that traffic would just become a background hum you don't notice after being there for awhile. It was funny when I first saw the dome pic before I read the post ...I thought that was the house.

I really like the living room and the idea of the porch out those french doors. Glad you are putting it on your list.