Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wishing for peace

This is exactly the effect I was aiming for when we left for Camp Bow Wow on Friday morning. I picked up a dog too tired to stick his head out the window on the drive home and this is the view I looked at for about 6 hours straight once we got home.

He's bushed. I'm thrilled.

Our camper did really well on his first day. The report I received was that he was playful and friendly, even if he did pee on another dog. Poor thing. Oh well, at least it was her bath day.

So we signed up for the warm up package which includes 3 half day visits and a bath. Just in time, too, since my back needs a break from a job like bathing this beastie boy (even if he is good in the tub). We'll see how the socialization of Leo progresses, but the doggie exhaustion is a nice little side benefit.

It's late now, and I've tried and tried to find a shooting star tonight, but it's just too cloudy and a little too bright near the city. I was hoping to find something to wish upon to aid the Detroit firefighters injured today. Seven of them in all, with 3 critically hurt. One of them is a friend of my daughter's. They went to high school together. It's sickening to think that life as this hero knew it (and he is a bonafide hero), will probably change, and likely because of arson. Really? Last year, my colleague's cousin was killed when he fell through the roof of a burning building fighting a fire. The man who started that fire did so for $25. Is life really that cheap? It makes me sick.

Fresh out of shooting stars, I'll continue to pray for all of them and hope the news isn't as bad as we've heard for Sara's friend.


Gail said...

My husband was a volunteer fireman for over twenty years.

Once when searching a home for possibility of someone inside, the ceiling fell. His mother was quite upset and he said, Mom, if that had been your home, would you not have wanted someone to check for you? She never said another word.

Firemen are heroes and my heart goes out to those injured. It takes a very specail person to be a fireman.

Leo is looking good! All dogs need a job and looks like he is enjoying this outing. I am so glad you found a solution that works for everyone.

SkippyMom said...

First let me wish the Detroit fightfighters the very best - they are heros. It too saddens me that people have such disregard for other's lives.

On a lighter note - Scooby is forever peeing on Spottie when one of us walks them together [one person, two leashes] and it is hard to maneuver her out of the way [he can't see her, so he thinks nothing of it] And for real? He actually pooped on her one day. I swear.

I love my pups, but seriously? I could've done without that.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh how awful the the firemen and their friends and families. i am so sorry to hear this honey.

i thing i'll check and see if i can send sarge to doggie day camp. he takes plenty of baths but could use the socialization and it sounds good to me. think they'll take him? he doesn't eat much.

smiles, bee

distracted by shiny objects said...

Prayers to you and yours, and for those caring for them. Burn care takes its own fortitude.
As for Leo...what a smile generator!! No wonder the boy's exhausted :>)

NCmountainwoman said...

It is always horrible when firemen, policemen, and other first responders are injured. I will be praying for all of them.

Glad Leo has been accepted. Lucky dog. And Lucky you!

Devon said...

I will pray for the firefighters.. how tragic and horrible that someone did this on purpose.

My hubby is a firefighter in a large city. I have been to the ER twice in the middle of the night to retrive him and one awful stint in the ICU after a fire went bad. He retires in 2.5 years!!!!

On a happy note... Leo has the look of pure bliss! You must be enjoying him so much!

Stephanie V said...

Looks like a result for the camp!

It must take a lot of courage to be a firefighter. There are so many tragic fires started for just such senseless reasons as you describe. We have three pre-teens here facing arson charges for setting a fire which ultimately burned forest on teh side of an urban mountain threatening a housing complex in the process. I think when you're 12 years old you have a pretty good idea what you're doing!
BTW, my word verif is 'anger'.

Jane@WildeThymeKnits said...

Have great admiration for firefighter's. My neighbour is one. Praying for the Detroit guys.

Leo is a love. Great picture.

laurie said...

all the best to those brave brave firemen.

and glad to see your boy exhausted. a tired dog is a happy owner, i always say.

Finding Pam said...

Since my son is a fireman, it always saddens me to hear about any loss of life. I lift them up in prayer. THey are my heroes too.

Leo looks worn out. My sister's Dobie got in trouble and chewed up her sheets and the comforter.

Her bad behaviour comes from being left alone too long. She has been sitting her grandchildren at the kid's house. I wish she had a doggie camp. Lucky Leo.

Have a great day.

Ruth said...

Worn out dog just like children.
Thoughts go to the injured firefighters. So many fires everywhere seem to be lit by people who have no idea of the implications of their actions or just plain don't care.
As i often say not enough kindness in the world - if eberyone was kind to others horrid thing would not happen - bit naieve of me.

Sandy said...

that is sad. Sorry to read this.

And about that lazy pooch...hahaha, you got him! and again, He is so cute.