Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who'll Carry the Torch?

Today I decided to put up my tree. Unfortunately, I'm doing it alone. I feel that if I didn't, it wouldn't get done. I've done my best over the last 27 years or so to make Christmas traditions meaningful. I asked my son what he thought of putting up the tree and he said he couldn't care less if it went up or not. What? What happened to the little boy who would critique and tweak the placement of holiday decor? What happened to the kid who used to take care of the Advent calendar every year? "Couldn't care less?" I used to put up a little village of houses every year and haven't done that in forever, in fact, I don't recall the last time I did put them up. Nobody around here really cares. That's odd because everyone in this house has added to that collection at one time or another. I got 90% of those little village houses as gifts. Guess what? Since this is probably our last Christmas in what's been our family home for 15 years, they're going up too.

Last year's tree

I say phooey to all those grinches I live with. The tree is up. The lights and decorations aren't up but the tree is hogging space in the family room. Tonight, I'll light a fire, make some cocoa, put on some holiday music and force the family to gather round the tree to help me decorate. I may need some good threats. How about no helpie-no giftie? And no horseradish encrusted beef tenderloin with port reduction for dinner on the 25th! We could have Manwich instead and start a new Christmas tradition. Ummm. That sounds yummy!

The picture at the top is my idea of a personalized gift bag. This sock is filled with wine and the outside is decorated with store bought wine glass charms (I got the charms at Sur la Table). I forgot to take a picture of a different one I made where the outside of the bag was decorated with knitted grape leaves and bunches of grapes. It's a really fast knit (about 3-4 hours start to finish) made with Lamb's Pride bulky in 3 different shades and completely knit in the round on US 10.5 dpns. The charms are like pierced earrings and I hooked them on after so they aren't knit into the sock. Some of my friends here are attempting to knit in the round-this project would help make you feel successful-especially since there isn't a heel to make and turn. No gussets either. The bottle sits flat because at the bottom, I've knit a purl row which gives the bag a turning edge and then did the decreases like you would with a hat. I didn't dream up the pattern but did adapt from one that was knit flat and seamed. If you'd like the pattern, I'll try to work it up again and send it to you.

Anyone for cocoa?


Jeanne said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! I suspect your beautiful spirit will ignite some spirit in the others. Traditions are important and some day the others will catch on to that.

Your evaluation after 6 months as a hospice nurse was touching to read. Thanks for sharing that. From knowing you so well, it is right on!! Hospice and the families are blessed to have you ministering with and to them. I do believe that every (or most every) path we wander down just prepares us for the next turn in the road. Thanks for following the path!!

BJ said...

Rudee - your tree looks beautiful! Lights and decorations on any tree make it special, don't you think? I'm glad that you went forth with your spirit.....and I so believe in Christmas traditions. That is what makes the season so special and of course the birth of our dear Lord.

the rotten correspondent said...

I'm afraid that what is a really fast knit for you would be something I'd still be working on around Memorial Day, but I love looking at what you do. Very pretty stuff.

We got our tree today, too. The plan is to decorate it tonight. Should at least get a gnarly blog post out of that.

laurie said...

they care. they'd care very much if there was no tree, no christmas. they're just lacking perspective.

you're doing the right thing.

Sandy said...

Rudee, I've tried to comment four times over here...

I just lost a long comment to you...

so I will be brief.

I love reading your blog.

now let's see if this posts.

Sandy said...

well hell, that long comment didn't go through but the other one did.

Rudee said...

Hello Sister Jeanne! I'm looking forward to seeing you Saturday for dinner.

Thanks BJ. This year's tree looks just like last year's with the same decorations adorning this huge tree.

RC- good luck tonight. It was like pulling teeth for me. And yes you can knit this wine sock before Memorial Day.

Laurie-you are so right. I think they'd especially dislike the Manwich.

Sandy, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I'll bring the chips on Christmas.....BBQ or Sour cream onion flavor?

I also have an extra can of Manwich in the cupboard, just in case we run low.


Brenda said...

I have to admit, it did feel good to get the tree up even though I was threatening to just skip it all this year. After the kids got too busy to help decorate it all, I really lost interest in just doing it all by myself. My husband pitched in this year and we did it.
Manwich sounds like a great tradition to me. I happen to love it.
If your tree this year looks half as good as it did last year, it will be very beautiful! I can see all of your special memory ornaments on there. (sorta) Ha
I am with RC on the knitting gifts. I am no where near fast enough to get them done.

Rudee said...

Manwich it is Brenda. FTM is bringing the sour cream and onion chips. I hope.

flydragon said...

I'll be glad to come over and help decorate your tree for some of that beef tenderloin. Yum.

Rose said...

No cocoa, but I will have some of that wine you have. It's funny; I've noticed that none of our kids want to help anymore either, but god forbid if you change anything! Last year we had a table top tree and never heard the end of it. But help? Not so much.