Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Shady Side

Yesterday was the gloomiest day I've seen around here in a very long time. The rain started Monday night. I drove an hour and a half to see a patient. It was dry but damp and cold. By the time I came out of my patient's home an hour later, there was close to an inch of heavy wet snow on my car. Driving home, the snow turned to rain and slush. It took closer to two hours to get home. It rained all night and all day yesterday. The blessing is that an inch of rain does not require the use of a shovel. The snowy equivalent would have placed nearly a foot of snow on the ground.

I had the day off to shop and pretty much finished it all. There is nothing left to do except wrap everything and I don't do that until it's almost Christmas. Rachel can't stay away from wrapped gifts. It doesn't matter to her if they don't belong to her, if they're out, she will unwrap them. It's really pretty funny to see all of the perfectly wrapped gifts get patched with things like scotch tape, duct tape, surgical tape and Bandaids; pretty much, whatever is handy.

I stayed out all day and came home to this gift from my oldest daughter hanging from my baker's rack:

The top picture is a simple garter stitch scarf in all the shades of sand and mud. The yarn is double stranded and every 8 or 21 garter ridges, I pick up a new shade. Right now, it's about half way finished and I'll work my way back down to the sandy colored shade. It's a gift for my son though it is not a surprise. After this, I should have filled my quota of garter stitch for the year. It is a pretty stitch but bores me to tears after awhile. I have another 4 feet and it's done.


BJ said...

Rudee - love the colors of the scarff you are doing for your son. Those are great colors!

Sounds like the weather has been cold there too. Although today it was in the high 50's, possibly even 60. It was so cold over the week-end I didn't want to get out of my bed!!!! Unfortunately, here in Maryland, we have so very crazy weather. It is supposed to get cold again tomorrow and possibly more precip by Friday; possibly in the form of snow,sleet or snain! Today it rained most of the day.

I really love the gift your daughter brought home and hung for you! How sweet of her! Aren't daughter's so thoughtful? What am I son's are too! He-he!!!

Brenda said...

I wanted to make scarves for my family also, but it may have to be next year. I am running out of time for this year I'm afraid. I am not doing too bad though for just getting back into knitting. I frogged something last night that I started though because I messed up and couldn't fix it. Frogged means rip out right?

Betty Flocken said...

The scarf is beautiful! My mind must be fried; I missed so many of your posts and thought I'd just caught up with you yesterday! I love the sign... Something my grand kids would use! It's been nice here; sweater weather. I have to laugh when I think of all the opened presents!

Cheryl said...

Wow, those colors look amazing together. I so wish I could knit. You are really almost inspiring me to take lessons. I think it would be so theraputic and I am amazed at all the beautiful things you create!

I hate slushy, wet snow, especially when I have to drive in it. Glad you made it home safe and sound. It is slushy here too, but now starting to freeze. Ice scares me, so much.

I love, love, love the gift your daughter gave you. I would love to hang one up on each of the girls rooms. Just a subtle hint. tee hee

Did you know that the 2nd book of The Friday Night Knitting Club is out. I read a review of it and it was fairly positive. Not sure if you read the first, but I did, and I liked it. Reminded me of you.

Have a good night.

Rudee said...

Thank you BJ. Michigan weather is insane too. Right now, the temp is in the teens and I came home to no furnace. I am bundled in wool as I write-waiting for the furnace repair man to finish watching whatever TV show he's watching and come fix this. BRRRRRRRRR.

Brenda-frogged means rip-it, rip-it. Sometimes necessary, always frustrating. I am making no Christmas gifts this year. This way, some are certain to be done for Christmas, but I feel no pressure to finish any. Major psych job.

Rudee said...

Cheryl, I read the first book and I liked it too. The ending was sad so I'm hoping the sequel is not as traumatic. Knitting is wonderful therapy-you may enjoy losing yourself in such a thing.

Gramma Ann said...

Hello Rudee,

Thanks for your visit and kind words. My daughter took the pictures of two lighthouses when she and her family took a Cape Cod vacation. the other one she took in California. She likes to send me pictures of the things they are doing when vacationing. She takes the pictures with her cell phone and sends them on to me. Oh! the miracles of technology.

Flutterby said...

Need knitting advice. When I knit something like a scarf with just the regular knit one row/perl the next the edges always curl. Even after blocking I have to fight the curls. I don't think I am knitting too tightly. Any suggestions?

Rudee said...

Flutterby, stockinette always curls in this manner and no amount of blocking or pinning will fix this (go ahead, ask how I know). The side edges will curl as well. You can embrace this as a design feature (like my pink sweater) or do garter stitch (knit every row) or rib (K2 P2) for the first inch or two at beginning and end of scarf. To get straight sides, knit every stitch for a few stitches on both the knit and purl side at both ends (for instance, cast on 24 stitches. Row 1, K every stitch, Row 2-K4 P16 K4 and repeat to desired length. For a clean edge on a scarf or any straight edge, slip the first stitch at the beginning of every row.

You have a blogger identity, but do you have a blog? If so, can I be invited to visit?
Happy Knitting,

Miss 376 said...

Sounds like my Daniel, a parcel just has to be opened, never mind who it is for. I do love that banner, brought a smile to my face