Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Twenty Questions


Win this beautiful shawl
(yours will be black)

About a year ago, I began toying with the idea of starting a blog. In a not so auspicious manner, I launched that blog on January 5th, 2008. Along the way, I've gotten back in touch with my creative side. I've had opportunities to meet others and I think I've made some new friends. How nice is that? Originally, I began this quest to learn to write creatively. I wanted to chronicle my life as a urology nurse in a job that gave me and my friends A & N a bazillion laughs. There was wine involved when we dreamt up this hair-brained idea. If I tell you two of us were blond at the time, would that explain it better? Anyways, that's the reason I started my own little website but, I've written very little about that past life on these pages. I'm saving those for a rainy day. It's still a thought because I can see a book about that job leading to a screenplay and movie glory. If you find yourself wondering just what kind of work environment that was, think the staff of Grey's Anatomy meets Dynasty, Sex in The City and The Sopranos and that should be enough to clue you in on just how much fun we had. Going in each day to see drama unfold was spectator sport of the best kind. It was a hundred times better than watching General Hospital. One thing I've learned in this past year is that writing is hard work and punctuation is a pain in the arse. I know now that I'll need a real writer to partner with me if I ever want to write that book.

When I first began reading other bloggers, one of my favorites did a get to know me post on the occasion of her blogiversary. She posed questions from past posts and her readers had to look back through her archives to find the answers. In that way, I read her entire archive; it was no easy feat since she posts just about every single day. It was good reading though. Wisely, I try not to fall behind when reading her blog.

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in that same manner, I'm going to take her idea and turn it into a treasure hunt. There will be a prize-hot off my needles for the winner: My Clapotis shawl.

Without further ado, here are the rules:
  1. Answer the treasure hunt questions correctly but don't post them here.
  2. EMAIL your answers to me by January 3rd to rudeek45atgmaildotcom (just substitute @ for at and a . for dot)
  3. The winner of the hunt will be announced on my blogiversary, January 5th, 2009.
  4. In the event of a tie, my youngest child will pull the winner's name from a hand knit hat. If we are quick enough to read it before she eats it, we'll have a winner.
  5. Nobody will be excluded including those with far off zip codes and those who usually just lurk and never don't always comment. This wrap with its dropped stitches, is ideal for anyplace. Even people in warm climes would like it-especially while in air conditioning. You are all welcome to enter this contest.
  6. When all is said and done, I'd love a picture of the winner-wrapped all cozy and snug in Clapotis.

All this reading won't be easy with the holidays and such so I've given you a 3 week head start. Yes, reading what I've written can be considered painful at times, especially the early posts. But then, you don't want something for nothing, do you? Well, sure you do, but you can't always get what you want-why should I be the one to change that reality? Besides, it's taken many hours, several months and six skeins of yarn to finish Clapotis. I think the winner should have to put forth a wee bit of effort into winning the prize. Without further fuss, here it is, my first annual treasure hunt.

Clapotis Treasure Hunt

What is the name of the house I like to visit in Virginia?

Which picture on this post do you think gets the most google search hits?
(ya gotta guess-it's not the Hello Kitty microscope)

I was in a war this year. Which one?

What kind of buttons did I put on the baby sweater I knit?

What kind of vacuum cleaner do I own? I love it so much, I wrote it a rather steamy letter.

I met a lady through my blog who comes from Pennsylvania. What brought us together?

Who gave me Sacrament of the Sick this year?

What is the recipe for putting annoying people on ice?

What book was I reading when I went into labor with my oldest child?

I've been to court twice in the past year. Why?

What did I name my handbag?

What did I name the dog I tried to rescue? (damn dog doesn't count)

What is the name of my friend Jeanne's blog?

What is my mother's first name? (mom is not an option)

Why is Stinkerbell McBookeater wanted- what was her crime?

Can you name one blogger I've knit for (there are two)?

What did my husband get me for my birthday?

Can you name 3 people who reside in the Insane Asylum?

What name did my new boss mistakenly give me?

Although many are worthy, which group of Swedish men do I adore most?

Now venture forth (really back) and win yourself a beautiful shawl. It is so warm and snugglie. At present, there are a handful of rows to finish. I'll post a picture of the goal of this treasure hunt when it's all done.


Rositta said...

Oh wow, I knew most of this stuff at one point in time but you know, aging brain and all that. I'll give it a shot but I am leaving town Tuesday and may not even have internet in Calgary, don't know yet. I'll see what I can do, good contest though...ciao

Brenda said...

This will be fun. I will come back later and try my luck.

Sandy said...

Well this will be fun however, because January is such a "boring" long drawn out month, I think you should let this run through January, for us slow people...

what a great idea. Just hope I have the time to play and join in.

BJ said...

This sounds like so much fun! I will need to go back to the very beginning of your archives and start reading. I am limited on how much time I will be able to spend....but I'll work on it when I can!

Great job coming up with something like this!

the rotten correspondent said...

I'm not sure I've ever been so flattered in my life. Wow. And thanks. (Double thanks, because...oh wait a sec, I can't say that due to the contest. Let's just say that I priced Crazy Woman at my local fab store today. YOWZAH!! I loved 'em before, but I guard 'em like Brinks now).

Count me in on the contest. What fun!

Rudee said...

All I can say is happy hunting everyone.

Aka_Diva said...

Did you get the email we sent with the answers? did we get them all right?


Rudee said...

Yes Diva- you and one other have so far submitted their answers to Twenty Questions. You'll be in the hat.