Friday, December 19, 2008

Over the Ground

Lies a Mantel of White...


A heaven of diamonds shines down thru the night


Two hearts are thrilling


In spite of the chill in the weather

Trudging through the snow

Through the looking glass. That's ice on the window.

Have a seat...

They're having a lie down
whilst I shovel the path.
Dukealicious Dog with his blinded and literally dog eared Eeyore.


Anonymous said...

Great photos, you captured it perfectly. I love your dog with Eeoyre (sp?). In fact, that is exactly what I want to do right now, curl up on the couch with the stuffed Eeoyre my kids gave me, ha. They identified my personality as being an Eeorye, thanks to the book The Tau of Pooh.
We are getting hit very hard here. Snow day, 10 inches and still falling. I love Friday snow days!

Rudee said...

Duke loves his blind donkey Cheryl. Technically I'm working but unless I have to go out to pronounce a death, I'm home for the night catching up on my charting. That could take all night.

We're getting a clipper in tomorrow from the north. It'll bring more snow and bitter cold. Ick. I hope you can stay warm and dry-and tell your husband to keep his hands away from the blades of anything mechanical!

laurie said...

wow, you guys got hammered!

we were supposed to get a lot of snow but only got a dusting. duluth got a foot of snow, and our friends are trying to drive out of it to be at our house in time for dinner. i hope they have no trouble.

lovely lovely pictures.

Rositta said...

Okay so far you've got us beat but wait till tomorrow, it's still snowing...20 cm (8") and still coming down. I showed my husband your pictures so he wouldn't feel so bad but it didn't help, lol...ciao

Brenda said...

That is some serious snow! We did not get the tornado I thought we would get. It settled down, thank goodness. Hope you don't have to go out in that!

flydragon said...

Dang, I wished I loved the snow as much as dogs seem to. I do however love lying on the couch as much as dogs do.

Rhea said...

Beautiful photos and words. I love dogs in the snow. He looks pooped. Nice photos!

Betty Flocken said...

It's beautiful there! In pictures better than with the driving though and shoveling though!

Anonymous said...

I was out snow blowing the driveway (3 times) and then a path in the lawn for the dogs..... With that north-east wind we ended up with over a foot and an additional inch this morning.( Lake effect).

Did the neighbor get his yard snow plowed?


Rose said...

I'm SO jealous! Love to have that kind of snow around here. Enjoy!

Rudee said...

Rose, you can have it if you want. I'd have been happy with a dusting of the stuff.

FTM, either he didn't want todo the yard or he couldn't. It's so heavy that I'm betting he couldn't! He did get the drive done.

Sandy said...

Hahaha, I would be napping too while letting you shovel the snow!

cute photo of him and wow, you got a lot of snow..~~~!

Oh no, more cold weather for you...darn....HOpe you don't have to go out in that bitter cold. Do you like snow?