Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I don't ski, ice skate, ice fish or own a snowmobile. There isn't much for me to do when it turns bitterly cold. I've dug deep though and found several things that make winter worthwhile to me. Two of them I picture here, the rest, you'll just have to imagine.

I think there is nothing like the pristine look of a reasonable amount of fresh snow. I love the brightness of the sky and the silence of a blizzard that strikes in the middle of the night. The sky is so bright, it seems like day.

Winter cold gives my body a break from the almost constant hot flashes I experience in summer. I can wear my woolen hand knits and work with a big blob of wool without feeling wilted. I have to stop a moment in appreciation. I like that I don't have to really think about it, but I did today. I was walking through an outdoor mall when I saw a woman wearing a full length fur coat. My first thought was that she must be hot. It was 46 F out there. My second thought was she was nuts-why? Besides pretending she was in Aspen, what's the point? I'd have been having hot flashes had I been clothed in that.

A huge roaring fire (in the fireplace) is so peaceful to me. I love the sound of the wood crackling as it burns and the warmth the fire gives to the room. If there is a blizzard at the same time, and knitting or a good book in my lap, I'm in heaven.

To me, oranges are the single most underrated item found in winter. Big, beautiful and juicy California oranges. I know we can get oranges year round-but not the enormous navel oranges that come from California. This alone makes winter worthwhile. I bought a bag of the giant beauties. They're more tasty than consuming Airborne by the gallons; I'm hoping they ward off the flu bug that has descended upon my home. That and a little holy water should do the job.

I can't be alone with these thoughts about winter. What do you like best about this time of year?


Rose said...

Fifty degrees is as low as we've gotten lately, so I envy you. I love the forced slow down that snow gives me when we do get it. It's the same as when the kids were little and got sick: we had to stay home and I nested. Check out Lurcher's advice if you haven't already!

Sandy said...

Enjoyed reading you and imagining you sitting there knitting by your crackling fire.

What do I enjoy best about this time of year ....that the year is almost over...that from winter comes spring and it can't get here fast enough (although our weather is fantastic again today)....

Are you working on the negative space shawl?

Anonymous said...

I love winter for the same reasons you do. I can't stand being hot. If I'm cold, I can add layers and get warm. And drink coffee and tea. I think snow is beautiful to look at. I even like the short days--we sit down to dinner after dark, which feels cozier and more homey for some reason.

WT said...

What do I like best about this time of year? That it's summer!

Brenda said...

I don't ski or skate or sled or any of those things either. I could blame it on age but I know people older than me who do those things.
It is a shame that we have a fireplace and never use it. I have no idea why we don't. I love the fireplaces in restaurants.
The reason I love this time of year is because I have so much less work to do. Nothing outside to keep up frees up my time to sew, knit and read. I love that!
The snow is also beautiful when it first falls.
I am for sure a four season gal, but I would like to live somewhere else like Florida or Arizona or California just to have that experience.

Rositta said...

It's -25C here today not that I'd notice. I haven't been out of bed for 3 days other than to the bathroom, waaaah. I have the flu and I don't know why. I had my flu shot like a good little girl...ciao
ps. I used to ski once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I dislike about winter is having to drive in the snow and ice. Aside from that, I love the cold and the beauty of the snow. I love how our lake freezes over and the snow covered trees. I love being warm and cozy inside, when it is freezing outside. I love hot chocolate, fuzzy slippers, soft blankets and my wool mittens.

I agree with your totaly about the oranges! Clemintines too!

Hope your healhty and that your husband is feeling better.

Rudee said...

WT, I'll remember this come May. In the meantime, enjoy yourself. I'll have another cup of cocoa.

Rositta, I'm sorry you're not well. I hope you didn't miss your side trip to Banff. Watch out for the avalanches. Better yet, stay in bed. It's safer there.

Cheryl, you paint such a pretty picture.

I'm with you Brenda, when do we leave?

Amy, I agree with you on the cozy dinners.

Sandy, I've not started the shawl yet. I need a long stretch without interuption. Maybe not til Rachel goes back to school.

Rose, who is lurcher? Fifty sounds downright balmy right now.

BJ said...

I really like the change of seasons. Not that we get much of Fall & Spring.....sigh! I love going outside after a snowstorm. It is just so calm & peaceful. Usually the sky is blue & clear. I also like sitting inside around a fireplace. Not that I have one now. But at one time I did.....and really enjoyed it. Of course that was before HOT FLASHES melted me and my brain!

I think about all of natures beauty and am thankful for it all. Here in Maryland it was around 50 today. But supposed to get back to being in the 30's in a day or so. Over the weekend it was 69F. Now that is freaking crazy.

Speaking of navel oranges....I love California only. Florida's do not compare to Cali's.

Great post Rudee!

distracted by shiny objects said...

I love a brand spankin' new calendar with no tasks or weekends to work written in colored marker. Add in a new set of fine tip pens and I'm in heaven:>)

Winifred said...

I'm with you Rudee and Brenda, love to go somewhere warm in winter. I wouldn't like to live there permanently though. Just think of all the nasty insects and crawlies that are in hot climates. Couldn't live where there are horrible snakes and posionous spiders etc.

It's lovely in winter on the mornings I wake up and don't have to get up. Just snuggle down under the quilt for another hour wth one of the cats.

Also love lighting the candles at night in winter, it's not the same in summer with those long light summer nights.

Hot chocolate doesn't taste the same in summer, nor does ginger and lemon tea.

Like Brenda says it's nice not to have so much to do. You don't see the cobwebs or the dirty windows and it's a waste of time washing the car. Yes!!!!.

Oh I'm such a slut!