Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heffalumps and Woozles

Last night was a particularly sad hospice sort of night, but in keeping with my philosophy that no visit is an accident, what happened was meant to occur on my time. With a heavier heart than usual, I headed home rather late. I was too exhausted to do more than chart the necessities and email a brief report.

I clocked out exactly at 12:30 AM and dragged my butt off to bed, followed by my 4 legged friend. Once my head hit the pillow, I couldn't sleep. Of course not. So I picked up my bedside book, Band of Brothers, and tried to read.

About 5 minutes into a good chapter, Leo saw his reflection in the mirror and took to warning the entire neighborhood that, yes, barbarians were indeed at the gate.

What a pain in the ass.

I had two choices: cover the mirror, or turn out the lights. I chose the latter, but even in the dark, the beast woofed gently for about 10 minutes. He just knew in his heart that another dog was still in the room.

At least the night ended with a good laugh, though I don't think Leo found it humorous at all.


Terry said...

May you have the blessings of a lighter heart, a lighter load and a Merry month to usher you forward to a time of refreshment .
I love Tigger :)
Covering the mirror was a brilliant idea ,it seems like when I get tired my common sense leaves the room and a grumpy person takes over .
Thank you for todays post.
Until next time
Happy Trails

Miss 376 said...

It used to take a while for the cats to get used to the mirrors. I loved it when they went behind and couldn't work out where the other cat had gone

Gail said...

You have a heart as big as Texas.

Does he have a really LOUD bark? Even with all your tired, you think quickly, that's good.

May your day be filled with joy.

Jackie said...

This was a great post.
Covering the mirror was a good idea. We needed to that for Mom as she progressed.
I have to show my daycare kids the little movie. I know they will enjoy it!
Thanks Rudee

SkippyMom said...

The past week I was in the hospital I called home everynight so I could talk on speaker phone to my galump of a Chessie [who seemingly missed the hell out of me] He spent his alloted time barking back at me on speaker - it was cracking up my nurses [and me]

They are such great protectors aren't they?

Word vert is RIZROON - as in that is Riz' roon [LEO's room a la Scooby speak LOL]

Rositta said...

Leo has decided in his wisdom that he is your protector. His timing needs work though, lol...ciao

The Crusty Crone said...

Bummer about those tough shifts. Take good care of yourself.

Stephanie V said...

Clever you to cover the mirror. It would have taken me the rest of the night to figure out what he was barking at.

Ruth said...

The hard part about being a nurse (especially in hospice or other areas with a lot of deaths) are the sad bits - sometimes you go home with so much sadness and a heavy heart. Some times I think A day procedure unit would be so good to work in - 'get em in get em out' - no emotion. But I'd hate it and I suppose you would to. I often joke I'm good at death - but it is the most satisfying thing to help people and famlies at the time of great crisis for them. Keeps me awake many a night.Dogs - we have a little dog called Zeus he just seems to now when you are sad and joins me on the bed.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

this post was so funny! thanks for the smile this morning, i sure needed it!

my d#1 is a hospice nurse! what a special group you are, so kind and loving.

smiles, bee

Rudee said...

Thank you, Bee. Wish your daughter a Happy Nurse's Week for me!

laurie said...

our boys don't bark at mirrors. but they do bark at just about everything else.

i'm liking this Leo character...

Miss T said...

Perfect video. :o)