Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good luck little plantlings. You're going to need it!

A little patch of my new herb garden. The tall one in the left in back is catnip for my daughter's kitty.

I hope the plants survive my friend.

I don't have much of a green thumb.

There. I said it and can't take it back. Plants don't do well under my direction. It could be I forget to prune, or worse, water. Fertilizer? Nope. Weeding? Forget about it. For some reason, I got a bee in my bonnet and became obsessed with the idea of planting a few things in the soil on Saturday.

Mimulus luteus...or Monkey Flower. I bought these because the common name pleases me.

We hit the farmer's market and loaded up on herbs, tomatoes, dahlias and monkey flowers. Next up was Home Depot, where we bought miracle grow organic soil (my plants need all the help they can get--please see my declarative statement above), planters, a shovel and charcoal for the barbecue dinner tomorrow.

Dahlias in a cute container chock full of Miracle Grow

In the scorching sun, I turned the beds, added the miracle grow, planted everything and gave it all a sprinkle of water. The rest is up to them, now. I hope they fare better than the already annoying purled socks. It may help if I convert the pattern and knit them inside out.

I am not taking credit for planting or tending this tree. This, my friends, is a black walnut tree and my neighbor has promised me the shells once they start falling from the tree.

Tell me...what do you think I have planned for black walnut shells?


splendid said...

i would guess you are going to brine them for stain or dye...

Miss 376 said...

DS2 has just been out checking on his beans and courgettes. Hopefully, you will be able to harvest some tasty herbs

Rose said...

Dye! My husband is planning a large herb garden for our front yard, like a knot garden I think, but meanwhile we have herbs in pots all over our deck! He plans and plots and tends while I take your approach. Into the ground and good luck!

(My word is hyllSOL!)

Silliyak said...

Sounds like your own economic stimulus plan!

laurie said...

i'm with you on the gardening. i'm no good at it, have no patience, have dogs that trample. yet every year i plant: yesterday it was tomatoes and flowers. today it will be dill and basil.

will you make dye from the black walnuts? and will your hands be stained mahogany for weeks?

Kathleen said...

Has to be something to do with knitting, no? Going to dye some wool you've spun & skeined? (Did I get those terms right?)

Finding Pam said...

I think you will use it as dye or crush up the shells for a door stopper.

Like you, I forget to water. My Hubs is the gardener in the family. When it gets this hot, I just stay inside and do the house work.

Leo is looking good. I am wondering if all Dobies have the same personality? I gave my Dobie to my sister and it is a match made in heaven. She wants to be the princess all the time, and my sister is really good with her. I get a laugh from all the things the Dobie does.

Have a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed catching up reading your blog.

Ari_1965 said...

I have a recipe for a poison that relies heavily on a tincture made from black walnut shells steeped in brandy.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh my grandparents had a black walnut tree and we used to sit under it and shell them. our hands would be so stained and cut up! but those nuts were delicious!

smiles, bee

Joanna said...

Your dahlias will do well with the miracle grow for sure. Enjoy the flowers and herbs Rudee.

debra said...

My poor little seedlings haven't fared so well in this heat---and for the first time, I grew then from seed. So off to the local garden center went I. Here's hoping that phase 2 fares better.

CT said...

I went on a planting flurry a week ago! hehehe! great minds think alike!
I do like tending to my garden, and I like to think I'm not too bad with plants. I really like growing herbs and stuff you can eat, but i pair them with flowers so I get the good bugs to eat the bad ones. I do my gardening before sunup or at sundown, and then I water, weed, prune and such! it's so fun!!!

Alas, I have no doggies. So my garden is pretty much free from damage from that front.

good luck with your garden, Rudee!
left you an award at my blog!

Stephanie V said...

Good luck with Leo and the herbs. He looks pretty interested there.

BTW, I checked and columbine will grow where you are. If you want seeds let me know.

Sandy said...

Oh that monkey flower is cool! I don't think I've seen one of those. Good luck with those plants.

The Crusty Crone said...

You're going to make dye and you will put it on your lips. Then you will get some henna and draw designs all over your arms, hands, and legs. Next comes those sheer curtains that you will wrap gracefully around your hips. Then the dance. You do the sensuous dance that all knitters do to call their muse. One of the benefits of this dance is that if you let your hubby watch, he will gather all the black walnut shells he can find. Just a guess, though.

Good luck with your garden.

Rudee said...

Apparently, I had not considered all that could be done with black walnut shells. I'd planned to make a brine, like Splendid suggested, then use it to dye yarn I spun from a fine alpaca fleece.

I will still do all that, but now I will use Crusty's suggestions to have someone else do my bidding.

Thanks for the laugh, CC.

Silliyak said...

Off topic, but I saw this a thought of you (and every other knitter I know)
Word verification "pricker"

Gail said...

I know! To dye, to dye!

Wonderful plants, will they survive Leo's kind attention?

Rositta said...

Everyone else beat me to it, your going to get a wonderful dye bath out of those shells. Wonderful garden no matter your lack of green thumb. My hubby has been taking care of our garden the last 18 days and it's looking pretty good. He doesn't have a green thumb either...ciao