Saturday, May 29, 2010

With a Twist, Please

She: never takes her eyes off me when I'm on my front porch.
He: prances back and forth in front of my house watching me, and I think, her.

Cast on last night...Twisted, a free pattern from Knitty in hand-dyed Merino wool. I've never purled an entire pair of socks before. Wish them well--I may find this too much a pain in the arse to complete, but they will be gorgeous if I do.

One thing begets another. Here is my friend, Sarah's, hand-dyed BFL in the color, Sangria.

It looks like this on the bobbin. After taking the photos, I decided my sweetie and I will go into town for tapas and paella at the restaurant of the same name. This is the same restaurant and bar where Fanette and I have plans to take salsa lessons this summer. Olé!

I've planted the garden. Oh, OK, not really, but here is the new bedspread I bought and put on my bed last night. And look! There is Ruth's quilt at the foot of the bed providing green relief in my flowerbed.

Here is the sloth who awakened me at 7:13 AM by jumping into my flowerbed and forcing his snout into mine. He wanted me to get up, let him out to pee and feed him. When he had me doing his bidding, and he was certain I was up, he went back to sleep. He's out on a walk right now and I'm supposed to be showering so we can hit the farmer's market before it closes. I'd better get busy.

I hope you can all find a way to put your own twists in your weekend. Have fun!


Jane said...

Good luck with Twisted and that BFL looks luscious. Love those colours! Have a great weekend Rudee. xx

Miss 376 said...

The colour of twisted is fabulous, be a joy to knit

Quiltluver said...

Like children, she'll fly away from the nest soon and leave you to deal with the mess left behind!!

Rose said...

Love the squint in his eye! Sounds like you have a good evening planned and you deserve it!!! Planning to play with yarn tonight and cruise ravelry for a worthy pattern for the handspun you gave me. It's so soft, I can't wait to work with it.

Sandy said...

ahh cute bird and doggie. Nice quilt too! Have fun this weekend, lots of it.

Gail said...

It seems you go into my mind and pick my colors with each new project. Beautiful thread

Stephanie V said...

Mmm...perfect name for that yarn. It's gorgeous.
My daughter purled all her socks until I noticed and asked why? Being self-taught, she hadn't had the aha! that one could turn the sock inside out. At least you're doing it on purpose.