Friday, May 21, 2010

Head Above Water

True confession: I've never been a big fan of Oprah. Gasp! I know, I know, I buck the trend of popular culture. I don't care for her show, and I don't ordinarily read her magazine. For my birthday this year, my best friend, Fanette, who does like Oprah, gave me a recent issue of the magazine in my gift bag. The bag also included moisturizer and concealer cream, which makes me wonder how my best friend perceives my appearance, but that's for another blog post to ponder.

On Tuesday, I grabbed that issue of, Oprah, when I went to an emergency session with my therapist. Since she was squeezing me in to help me analyze my Monday night meltdown, I knew I'd have to wait to see her and my hands must have something to do. Why I took that magazine and not Interweave Knits is beyond me, but was in the end, no accident. It had been sitting on a table waiting for me for 6 weeks and I'm glad I finally got around to it.

In between photos of cake and overpriced Oprah favorites, I found two pertinent articles. One was about Byron Katie and another woman's quest for truth, and another was more or less how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off in order to get back into life.

One particular item was, 10 Hard-Won Pieces of Advice, by Lisa Kogan. The first listed item was about human resilience and tenacity where she advised that problems come and go and somehow, we endure. Her advice was to stop watching endless episodes of Law & Order, shave our legs and get back out there. I almost choked on my latte.

Another confession: Never in my life have I consistently watched Law & Order. Well never until the past 6 weeks. First of all, I've never had a desire to watch women being endlessly victimized. Recently, I can't get enough of this mind altering show. Rape, murder and mayhem. It's really not good for the soul, you know. I brought this up to my stylist today, and she admitted that since she broke off her engagement, she sits around watching Law & Order, too. Damn. This must be a universal sign of depression.

Today I made a break for it and felt a sudden lifting of the darkness. I got up early. I straightened the house. I went and chopped off most of my hair...well, someone else did the chopping, but at least I can credit for getting around to having it done. It's not like I haven't needed a haircut for more than a month, now. I bought more yarn for the endless shawl today, too, and an adorable circular needle case made by Namaste. In other words, I took care of myself and haven't watched a single hour of the many recorded Law & Order episodes in my DVR lineup. Tomorrow, more of the same is planned beginning with finishing the yarn I'm spinning for Rose, followed by lunch and a pedicure with Fanette.

Thanks, Oprah, but more importantly, I need to thank Fanette for such a good birthday gift.

Guess who is buying a pedicure for her pal tomorrow?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well see how things happen just when you need them to? yup, that's the way it goes with me too. i mean i could sit around and have pity parties with myself but what would be the point? nope, i'd much rather do something fun. good for you!!!!!

smiles, bee

SkippyMom said...

You aren't the only one that bucks the tide - I am not an Oprah fan - as for the magazine and the article i am glad you found it but I am surprised you could - next to come of the fashion magazines I have never seen a magazine so top heavy on advertisements before.

Glad the article helped with an epithany for you and you were able to get out and about today - funny how that works. We are huge law and order fans [especially SUV] but I never noticed it was all women being victimized [you are basically right on that - although kids are picked a lot] but I never tied it to depression. I can see that happening to people tho'.

Hope your weekend is just as fun.

Rose said...

So glad things are looking up for you! Isn't it weird when things happen like that? Good for you for recognizing and more importantly, doing good for yourself!! I've been in a funk this week, so thanks for the inspiration I needed.

Silliyak said...

It is my belief, and I don't have many, that everything we need is right is right in front of us, and what is required is to be open to it. Or I could be totally full of merde.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh you've inspired me.. I've needed a hair cut for a couple of months and have taken to only washing and clipping up.. NOT a good look for me.. I turned off Investigative discovery today to rent Avatar.. The endless hours of murder and evil...
I need to do what you've advised. Thanks for the inspiration.

Michaela said...

Wow, thats great Babe!! Good for you. Im excited to hear it! I used to watch Oprah, Dr phil, L&O:SVU and NCIS. But I dont watch any of those any more. I must say, I am probably too busy taking my own good advice, and getting out there and doing things. I love "almost choked on my latte". Maybe we could all afford a little jolt now and then? xxxooo

jeannette said...

I have respect for Oprah because of the place she comes from, but I don't watch her show -too many celebs and people with weird views about life!
Am glad you're doing things again!

Miss 376 said...

So glad the light at the end of the tunnel has got brighter. You go and enjoy your weekend and keep looking after yourself

sapphireblue said...

WTG! Spoil yourself. You deserve it.

Stephanie V said...

I firmly believe that there are no accidents in life.

I have to admit to being a L&O rather than an Oprah fan. Her talk format is just not my thing...I prefer fiction to real life, I guess.
BTW, there's lots of great stuff in the newest Knits.

Winifred said...

I'm no Oprah fan either, in fact I hate any of those type of programmes. Glad you told me, my daughter thinks I'm weird because I don't like any of the soaps or reality shows. I don't like Law & Order & CSI makes me laugh at the stupid stories and women dressed like they're going out on the town not to work. All those programmes only have good looking women but have men who are not so good looking. Strange isn't it. It's still a man's world in film & TV.

Watching telly is OK for a while but the off switch is a powerful tool! Gets you back to reality.

Let's see your new hair!

Brenda said...

I sure hope you start feeling better soon Rudee. I recently had to ask the Dr. for antidepresssant or anti anxiety (they say it is for both} meds after being off of them for many years. Finding the right one takes a long time sometimes. Hang in there!

The Crusty Crone said...

Good for you. A lot of people would have read the article, been amazed at the "coincidence" of the words, wondered about the connection, and then gone on about their same old ways. Not you!! So I say again... Good for You!

(and isn't the Universe a kick... using someone you don't care for, Oprah and her magazine. Makes me chuckle.)

And my word verification word for today is restrot. Rest rot. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Well honey I am another not an Oprah fan. Watch very little TV. I don't like Law and Order the SVU or some of the other spin offs but I do love the original L&O. It is going off next season after many, many years. I love PBS and Masterpiece Theatre. Hanging in there with you Rudee.

Gail said...

Ahhhh, maybe that is why I mindlessly float between years old reruns of NCIS, CIS and Criminal Minds.

Glad you are treating yourself. I have had urges to cut my hair lately but I can't find the good scissors...that could be a blessing.