Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Thing About Dobies


In the movies, Dobermans are always portrayed as ferocious guard dogs. While they're good at guarding their pack and surroundings, this breed of dog can be, if raised properly, the sweetest of beasties. Their movie roles don't tell the real story of the character of this dog breed.

This morning, we're traveling across town to meet one. He's two and in a local Humane Society shelter. He has the dopiest looking grin on his face and those floppy ears? Adorable. If he's had his ears cropped, I can't tell from the photo.

We don't know much about this guy, but I'm willing to take a look--expected warts and all. This dog has everything going against him for adoption. He is a male. He's an adult. He'll shed. He's big. He can be prone to hip dysplasia. So needy emotionally, a Dobie will follow you into the bathroom in an effort not to be alone. In return for walking, feeding, watering and loving this dog, he'll be the most loyal creature in the house.

I can't wait to meet him.

Everyone who reads my site knows I don't believe in accidents. Is it a mistake that the only non pitbull dog posted on the local rescue pages was posted the same day our gate was finished and we began our search for a pet in earnest? I think not.

Here's hoping for a good fit with Bruno.


Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers!

Stephanie V said...

Aw...that face!

Middle Aged Woman said...

will he have a companion? what will happen when he is home alone? I know dobies can be anxiety-ridden. He looks gorgeous.

Miss 376 said...

oh,I hope the meeting goes well

Rose said...

He does look cute...hope it works out!!

Finding Pam said...

We rescued an abandoned Doberman. Dobies are very smart dogs, often too smart for their owners, but we love Carmen.

However, she is a one person dog,loyal and determined. We also have two other dogs that we rescued. Carmen became very aggressive to my lab and they begin fighting and she drew blood from my lab.

This beautiful dobie is so incredible and something about her spoke to my heart. We did have to treat her for heart worms and give her lots of TLC.

I gave Carmen to my sister and they are a perfect match because my sister is single, lives a quite life without all the other noises of dogs barking and cats hissing.

Carmen does not know that she is a dog. She is a wonderful companion and protector for my sister.

I would not mess with clipping his ears because it does make him look friendlier. They do get a bad rap and most folks are afraid of them. They need lots of exercise and love, but it will be worth it.

Lots of love and praises go a long way for dobies.

jeannette said...

Sounds like you really like Bruno...this is the second time I've heard that they are very smart!

CT said...

My dad has a Rottweiller and they have the same bad rep. That dog is a goof and such a sweetie! he is very gentle with my girls, and very protective of them against strangers when we go out for a walk with him.

I hope you get him!!!!

The Crusty Crone said...

I didn't know Dobbies shed. I assumed because of the short hair... well, you know.

Good luck with everything.

Michaela said...

Wow, I hope he (she?) turns out to be a nice dog that you want to take home xxoo

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I hope it works out, Rudee! Can't wait to read more.



Gail said...

I want pictures, lots of pictures. Good luck.

Winifred said...

I hope he's the one for you Rudee. He looks lovely.

I never shut the bathroom door. The cats always want to be in with me. They even want to jump on my knee when I'm on the loo. The look of disgust on the face of the one who comes in last is a picture! If looks could kill as they say.

Hope he doesn't do the same!

willowtree said...

I do know the other side of Dobermans having been lucky enough to live with one for a year. (she belonged to a housemate)