Sunday, April 4, 2010

Self Preservation and the Ham

Happy Easter!

Today we'll celebrate our first family dinner in our new home. Everyone will be there except the one who has to work this day.

And it's come down to this: there will be ham on the table this Easter. It's not what I wanted, but with such late delivery of the appliances this week and water issues in the basement, I've capitulated. I did it because it was the easier thing to do. I'm sure MLTL is thrilled. I even let him buy the ham, which is as important to him as me serving the ham. I must remember to thank him 30 times (at a minimum).

Not to be completely done in by circumstance, I made hummus last night (from scratch and super easy) and the ingredients for the grape leaves are sitting on the counter. A little fatoush to seal the deal, and we'll have a feast. Since my honey has to work today, I'm going to finish my coffee and go in to tackle the best thing on the menu. This way, he can take some to work for his own dinner. He didn't get home from work until four this morning, so I'm taking pity on him. Not too much though...the overtime will pay for the unexpected visit from the plumber and the long overdue snaking of the drain in the laundry room. Besides, it's his father I'll be having for dinner and when you get down to it, he's getting the better end of the deal.

Yesterday, in the midst of dust swirling from Jason's ceramic drill (he moved the gas line for the range), and plumbers with snakes, I went to spin yarn. I haven't sat down at my wheel since January. I spun 4 ounces of BFL dyed by my friend, Sarah. First, it was the only wool I could find at hand, and second, it reminded me of spring. This is the color she calls, Woodsy. I think it's beautiful. It's hard for me to spin thicker wool than I usually do. I have a hard time letting more wool into my drafting zone and an even harder time letting it go. It took forever to learn to spin thin wool and now I'm trying to shake it up. Not half bad, but it's really inconsistent. I may ply it with a commercial yarn. Still thinking on that.

In between making hummus, a strawberry and peach trifle, spinning and grocery shopping, I cast on for the dancer and snowflake socks. Truth be told, I cast on Friday night in the electric blue yarn, but I hated it. Not the blue, but the yarn. It was full of knots and the yarn was splitty. I don't think that's conducive to knitting fair isle, so I abandoned that yarn in favor of the aqua and cream colored Spud and Chloe sock yarn. So far, I have a cuff and the dancers done. Perhaps after the grape leaves are finished cooking, I'll knit the first round of snowflakes.


Stephanie V said...

Nice you had some time for spinning and could escape what sounds like major confusion and mess!

I like the new sock colors. Totally agree that rebel yarn is not the best choice for Fair Isle.

Enjoy the ham...or eat all the grape leaves and hummous. That would be my favorite, too.
Happy Easter!

Rose said...

Glad things are going well; is there a metaphor in the spinning story about letting go or is it just me?

I have some of the Spud & Chloe aqua sock yarn too! Planning to try a fancy sock pattern with it (one day). Happy Easter, hope you enjoy it despite MLTL.

Rositta said...

Just taking a break from the kitchen to check up what your doing. My grape leaves are from a tin, sigh...the humus is store bought and there's no desert. But there will be barbecue lamb and Greek roasted potatoes. It's about the best I can manage this day. Love the spinning...ciao

distracted by shiny objects said...

Sounds great. Hope you enjoy the day and take copious notes for us. We do love the tales of MLTL for commiserative purposes.

Brenda said...

Some day I hope you can record MLTL when he visits. I would just love to really hear some of these conversations. The socks look really cute. Happy Easter!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

I have sock envy. Just sayin'.

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