Sunday, April 25, 2010

Burning Questions

Every Saturday morning, I drag my worn out behind from my comfy bed, swiftly drink a cup of coffee, torture my hair to lie flat, throw quarters for parking into my pocket, pack up my wheel and wool and head down to the yarn store to spin.

As tired as I am after working a full week, I force myself into this activity, because really, therapy doesn't get better than this. I get more out of three hours with this diverse group of women than I get out of the Candy Man or weekly therapy. I live for Saturdays. The spinners have the store to themselves for the first hour and then the knitting circle joins the room. The spinners, close to ten of us each week, are by far the most boisterous and daring; willing to tackle any subject.

This week's three hour session covered a vast array of topics from how hula hoops can bruise you, to how we think a dance pole would be a nice addition to the store. For exercise, of course. This then led to the discussion of a Detroit mother who found her naked 14 year old dancing in a Detroit strip club this week.

After awhile, things got quiet with just the gentle click of needles and the distinct sounds of treadles filling the room. All were busy with the industry of making yarn or fabric when Emily, very serious, turns to Sarah and asks, "how many bumps can you fit in your turkey roaster?

Instantly, all is well in the crazy world with questions like this. A simple question, a variable answer and a whole new discussion on non food prep uses for electric cooking appliances and plastic wrap. They're serious fiber artists, of course, and Sarah's turkey roaster has likely never met a turkey. She uses it to dye some of the most glorious wool I've ever spun.

Here's hoping the week ahead holds only simple and pleasant questions to ponder or answer.


Gail said...

I need that kind of meeting once a week.

debra said...

I join you in hoping that the "week ahead holds only simple and pleasant questions to ponder or answer." I can certainly use that :-)

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the links. Gorgeous! I'm so glad spinning gives you such peace ad joy. Fabulous post, so well told.

Michaela said...

Ya know how a ship needs to have ballast in its hold, to prevent it from being toppled by big waves at sea? I reckon your wonderful spinning sessions are your ballast. I hope they restore you after the very important (but challenging)job you do during the week.

fiberstory said...


Thanks for thinkin' it was blog-worthy!
LOVE Saturday's with you ladies...much better than therapy. :)

And, turkey roaster has never seen a turkey.
It sure steams a mean pile of wool, though. :P

xo Sarah

Miss 376 said...

Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning

laurie said...

the word "bumps" following a discussion on pole dancing brought a whole different meaning to mind.

saturday mornings sound serene--to you what my morning park-walk is for me.

and re the previous post: i LIKE that rug. are you keeping it?

Stephanie V said...

Thanks for sharing your peaceful morning. It's good that you have that scheduled in or it would just never happen, would it? I was thinking about my singing group the same way the other day. Didn't much feel like singing but it sure changed my mood when I did.
Great story.

Rositta said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. There is envy coming from this neck of the woods your way...ciao

Miss T said...

Probably far better than actual therapy, is my guess.

Emilee said...

Some questions need answers... no matter how odd they sound. :)
I had a great time last Saturday too! It was just what I needed!
Thanks Ruth!