Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Rabbit Died

Last night I ventured into the yarn room, where, over the past few days, I've made limited progress organizing everything. Thursday, I went up to find my copy of, Mother Daughter Knits, for the neck warmer pattern. One thing led to another and all of the books, magazines and patterns got unpacked. That felt good. I found what I'd been looking for in the first place, and abandoned the rest (being led astray could be the main reason I can't get organized up there).

Yesterday was spent spinning and accumulating more sale yarn for the makings of the feather and fan shawl. I need a total of 1,000 yards of different yarns that have a little something in common. Lucky for me, both local yarn stores had sales and my inspiration yarn, the creamsicle colored silk and merino blend I spun last year, was located in the first bin I opened last night.

I was on a roll and a full two weeks before the class starts.

As you can see, the shawl will be all about color and texture. It's likely the shawl's delicate lace pattern will be lost as the eye gazes upon everything else. Throughout my house and nearby shops, I've collected silk, ribbon, angora and plenty of both thick and thin yarns. Wanting to spin something completely different, I over spun a little BFL to use as a base (core) yarn and then core spun a funky batt of wool that seemed to have every color under the sun in the family I need, with just the right amount of glitz thrown in for sparkle. Four ounces of wool yielded a mere 65 yards of eye candy, but for a first attempt at core spun yarn, without a bulky flyer, I think I did a pretty good job.

Seen together in a group photo, I'm not so certain the core spun yarn goes well with the rest of the gang, but I'm still willing to think about it for awhile. I have two weeks.

Feeling fairly smug about it all, especially the fact that for more than 40% of the project needs, I made the yarn myself and then bought the rest at sale prices, I put it all away.

Or so I thought.

While this yarn appears a tangled mess, it's actually been shredded.

This morning, I awakened to find that my dog has finally sprouted devil horns. He also has a hankering for angora. That would be angora rabbit.

Note to self: get a lock for the yarn room.


Middle Aged Woman said...

I know nothing of yarn or spinning, but I think that bulky one absolutely goes with the pile of riotous color you have there. It will add a little depth of color, to go with that amazing texture!

Rudee said...

Mary, I keep wavering, but I love that core spun yarn so much and really want to use it in this project.

Anonymous said...

Rudee I don't think you can go wrong using that yarn you want. It is going to be beautiful. Well Leo is a normal doggie, that is for sure.

Rose said...

Oh no. But can you blame him really? He probably smelled the rabbit on it and instincts kicked in. So sorry. Love all the other yarns for your project.

Gail said...

Thank God, it was your yarn...I thought your were pregnant!!!!

I love these colors, are there any left??

CT said...

Can you really blame him? WE cannot keep our paws (hands!) off angora, how could poor little Leo?

I think that core yarn you spun is fantastic! would love to knit/crochet with something so yummy! can't wait to see the shawl!

oh, hey, did you join Ale's yarn swap? it's gonna be fun!

Stephanie V said...

Love the newest yarn...I think it works very nicely with the others. Too bad about the angora. On the bright side, he likes rabbits not sheep. That could have been a huge disaster!

BTW, I'm with Gail, I was wondering who was pregnant, too.

Brenda said...

I have forgotten if you said how old Leo is. Is he still in need of all the training that pups have to go through. Oh I remember those days. Yep...locking the yarn up will help. Sounds like you are getting everything all unpacked and organized.

Ruth said...

Watch your shoes as well our current dog Zeus chewed up all my shoes that I didn't put away when he a puppy - he grew out of it.

Miss T said...

It's always something with a dog, isn't it? Even with good dogs.

CrazyCatMadame said...

I think your hand spun will work beautifully with the other yarn you've selected. I will lend as a nice contrast compared to all of the other yarn which all seem to be of the same tone. Is "tone" even the right word? I'm not a color theory expert, but there isn't much difference between the others other than color and even then they're still all kind of the same.

I'm sorry to see the remains of your angora. My cats will dismember my alpaca yarn if it is in their reach. They can't be bothered with any other fiber...just alpaca.