Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Saturday, I awoke in time to make it to spinning circle and I took the shawl to show off. We put it on one of the mannequins to display for a few hours where it generated a lot of interest. It is stunning when it's doubled upon itself.

When I got home, I settled in to watch Le Tour and work on the square. I fell asleep listening to Phil and Paul droning on and on in the background. I awoke to the sound of very loud banging on my front door. There was a young man there trying to peddle something and he was holding the storm door open as if he were about to let himself into the house. I locked my front door, told him I wasn't interested in what he was selling and asked him to leave. He just stood there holding my storm door open. I told him his behavior was intimidating and he needed to leave. He started to get snotty. I was a little scared, but apparently not enough because I stood there arguing with him. What is with people? I never open anyone's storm door as though I'm going to walk right in. He finally left and continued down the block but not before he set the tone for the rest of my day and night. I think he put a curse on me.

With this event shadowing the rest of the evening, I managed to scare the hell out of myself several times. I yelped when I saw my own shadow on the stairwell going into the dungeon on two separate occasions within 30 minutes. The first time I saw my shadow, I shut the door to the basement and 30 minutes later, somehow the door was opened and I swear I didn't do that! No laundry got done as a result-you couldn't have paid me any amount of money to go into the basement. Convincing myself the house was haunted or at least full of burglars, I turned on every light in the place to chase away shadows and fear.

This morning as I sat down to knit, I swear I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. I don't know what it was and frankly, I don't think I want to know. Turning up the volume on the TV, I kept going on my sock until I came to a tangled mess of yarn. This NEVER happens to me. Never. I wind all of my own yarn into neat little cakes and use a center pull which helps to keep the yarn neat and tidy. At one point, the yarn was in a horrific mess of tangles and knots and I had to break the working yarn to finish the first sock. It took me nearly two hours to untangle the mess.

Don't tell me I haven't been visited by spirits. Mean ones. I'm no dummy. I've left an offering. I hope it's the scrap of this yarn they wanted and not the Parmesan Reggiano.


Stephanie V said...

That is so weird. And I don't blame you for being nervous with someone opening the storm door. Just not done.
I once read a story about those movements that we catch out the corners of our eyes. I think it was a group of aliens which visited us and managed to keep out of sight most of the time. I'll bet that makes you feel much better - right?

Cynthia said...

Rudee, gosh yes, appease the spirits...but that salesperson? I think you were more than nice.

In Puerto Rico, we have iron work around the patio so that people have to maintain a certain distance from the front door. Most don't come up to the door, or open the screen door.

What bold insolence your intruder had even if he was desperate to make a sale, he has to give you space. Why do we think it's nice to let strangers trespass our comfort zone?

Since I've lived here in Puerto Rico, when we stop at lights in certain areas, homeless, often drug addicted people approach the car window. Sometimes, if the window is open they might lean might think I'm hard, but I have no problem rolling up the window.

I feel it's my responsibility to protect myself and my kids. What they want is money...but their desperation makes them completely untrustworthy. I have gone through a lot of anxiety about this situation. I used to routinely give money, but it was unhealthy. Especially, when I realized that I was basically buying their drugs and not a meal. What to do?

I hope we can find our way to a solution to these social problems but we do have a responsibility to be careful, too.

Now Rudee, I better put some yarn and food out to the troubling spirit for you and me. :-)<3

Winifred said...

Crumbs that sounds awful. We don't have a storm door so lucky you did. I never answer the door at night if I'm in alone.

That thing about seeing something out of the corner of your eye happens to me too. There's usually a good explanation. It's either one of the cats or it's the floaters I have in my eyes. Pretty big ones they are, so they get the blame.

Hope the cheese offering works!

Silliyak said...

I think I can see the face of The Killer in the pile of yarn, IT'S A WARNING! RUUUUUUUNN.

Gail said...

Oh, can't we scare ourselves silly when the scene is set?

Pyzahn said...

You left an evil spirit cheese and yarn. Is that some kind of Michigan voodoo offering?

You need to light a bunch of candles, hang garlic over your threshold, shake some chicken bones while you spin in a circle three times and then spit in a bucket.

Now you'll be juju free.

But burning a little smudge wouldn't hurt.

Brenda said...

Well I hate to admit this but I believe in ghosts or spirits that like to mess with us. It happens to me a lot. Either that or I really am a basket case ready for the looney bin. I accept either one of those diagnosis. My family thinks the second option, I am sure. Ha... Our computer printers go on and start printing nothing. There is no logical explanation for that. No one is near the computer when it happens. Several weird things over the years...hard to make any sense out of. So I believe ya, if you say the spirits messed up your yarn.

Anonymous said...

I alsways thought the basement on Ridgemont was haunted....Do you remember coming home from the club and the basement window was open?


Rudee said...

Yes, FTM, that house was haunted.

Pyzahn, I have no chicken bones. I have garlic, candles and fresh herbs for smudging. No sage though. I should use sage...

Brenda, that's OK. Misery loves company. We can be crazy together.

Anonymous said...

Yes the sage will do it. Make you a doll and fill it with pins.

Rositta said...

I hope the shadows and movements your seeing aren't floaters. I'm always seeing something. Having said that, I'm sure that leaving an offering was a great idea...ciao

Sandy said...

ohhhh weird, wonder what is going on!!! Boo!

seriously, you have me wondering. My ghost up here isn't too mischievious but once in awhile it gets out of control. He also smells like camphor.

Anonymous said...

You may be getting visits.. I watch too much Haunted on Discovery... I hope they took the cheese and not the yarn?

Miss T said...

I love that photo with the cheese grater. :o)