Monday, September 29, 2008


Me and my tent mate Linda. We met through corresponding on line in search of a tent mate. Oddly, we are both Knitting Nurses. And her husband is a weaver-he made that stunning scarf she is wearing. Look closely at Linda's credentials. She over did it and got placed on hold for the event late Saturday afternoon-after she got 2 liters of IV saline. She didn't give up and go home though, she stuck it out and returned to work on Sunday.

I wish you could all see the movie I've made with iMovie'08. It's pretty fabulous-if I must say so myself. I've tried various ways to publish it and have run into a few problems. I've given up for the time being. Once again, you'll have to be satisfied with some still shots of some amazing moments during the 3 Day event.

You know, sometimes items in the news can bring a girl right back down to earth. I was completely surprised to hear Paul Newman had died. We must have been living in a bubble for 3 days. After what happened yesterday, I wish I could go right back into that bubble.

If you're troubled about your future leaders and what kind of men we are raising, I'd like to put your mind at ease. Meet the Romeo High School football team-this event is a requirement for them and was arranged by their coach. They came to camp in two buses on Friday and Saturday. On the first day, they greeted walkers at the entrance to camp and walked them to their luggage and rolled up tents. They carried both items to the assigned tent address and set up the tents for walkers and crew.

Coach doesn't exactly put a gun to their heads, but for 3 days every year, these young men do a little community service. This year was their 3-peat and it appears to me, they enjoy it. On day two, they cheer every walker through the entry to camp. When they're done with that, they greet each walker as they come through the food line and carry their plates and drinks to their table for them. They are full of enthusiasm for what they do and it is so refreshing. Some of them wore angel's wings. Some paraded around with giant pink ribbons. I hope these pictures are proof that while some people in this country can't get anything right, others are picking up the slack.

I work for a really big health system in southeast Michigan. Like in every other aspect of life, our health system has a cross town competitor. Just as in sports, there will sometimes be gentle ribbing when employees of the competitors find themselves sharing the same spaces. Meet the girls from the competition. These ladies work in their hospital's rapid response department. They worked quite well together and when the going got rough for the lunch crew, they provided the comic relief.

Now their hospital always seems to have a lot of fluff in their budget. Our employees always bemoan how well their staff has it; it's like they live on easy street. For some reason, this doesn't look like easy street to me.

Here is your knitting nurse on day one of the event, well after her assigned post had closed up shop for the day. I don't know how wise it was of me to bring wool to this event. On the morning of day 2, the socks I'd brought with me to work on, pink of course, were wet from the moisture in the air. I was unable to work on them after the first day. Wool + moisture + agitation= felt.

Michigan has passed the 3 Day torch to Washington, D.C. I am hoping with all of my heart that the 3 Day spirit works its way through our nation's capital. I think our leaders could use it.


Brenda said...

Those were great pictures. I was unable to see the credentials on your tent mate, but I am guessing that she has cancer. If so, I sure hope she is getting better. Loved the picture of the gals coming out of the johnny on the spots. Ha. Hope your back did okay on the cots.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Can I tell you again how utterly in awe of you I am that you did this? Again? I would just love to participate in something so moving.

And the pictures? Tears in my eyes, Rudee. A nice positive start to the day.

Glad you're back.

Rudee said...

Brenda, Linda's red credential put her out of the line up-on hold- because she overdid it and needed IV fluids to perk her up. She recovered. There were no cots for the nurses-just patients. Like a dummyhead, I failed to buy a good air mattress. A mistake I won't repeat. My back is better today!

RC, come to Michigan next August and crew with us. You'd love it! I think you need a license to practice here-but you could get that done by August!

Anonymous said...

I loved those pictures! All those pink tents and the football team helping. Your friend Linda is a real inspiration, I hope she gets better. I hope this gave her a sense of empowerment.

I think going to DC would be amazing, right there on the mall. I would be there, my mother-in-law lives right down there. Such a wonderful event.

Thanks for sharing this with me. Made my night!

dgmlsmith said...

Awesome pictures. You did this again with another perspective. Awesome you. thanks for making my day and it was only made better by news from today's polls. Love you, Mareseatoats

Rudee said...

Thank you Cheryl and Mares. Maybe now that you're stateside again Mares, perhaps you'd be interested in another 3 Day?!?!