Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

Today begins my three day extravaganza to help stomp out breast cancer. I've never crewed before, but as the past few months as a new hospice nurse have taught me, I know how to be a nurse anywhere. I'm quite certain I'll have a great time. I'll be in the medical tent at lunch. If you're a reader and a walker, come say hello. If you're a walker, don't panic-check in isn't until the wee hours of the 26th for you. Crew has to show up a day ahead of time for training. We also have to register by 4:30 AM on Friday. Consider yourself blessed that you aren't crew.

I have walked this event twice and all told, I've raised $6,600 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and I've helped others raise thousands of dollars too. I'll keep doing it until I can't.

I walked the 2004 event in San Francisco which was a leg lover's dream come true. We were accompanied by the San Jose Bike Police. Talk about your hotties on wheels, these guys were it. We were in a state of delirium on that walk and being so pumped full of endorphins, we signed up to do the 2005 event. This one, we walked in Michigan. By the time July had come around and it was time to walk again, my mother in law was actively dying. We never knew if it was primary breast, or primary lung cancer. She had hormonal characteristics of each-her tumors were so poorly differentiated that it was not diagnosable. I walked all 60 miles having herniated 2 lumbar discs halfway through the event. I felt driven to do this for Pat. I gave my finish shirt to my sister in law who had stayed home to tend her mother-she was the one who truly did battle that weekend. A few days after the walk, my mother in law, Patty, passed away in her sleep.

That's why I do this. Here is who I'm doing it for this year:

Because you are missed:

Pat: she lost her battle in 2005
Mia: lost her battle in 2006-she was in her thirties
Kristin: lost her battle after 7 years

In honor of their courageous battles:

Sandy: diagnosed 2008- she is younger than I am
Jane: survivor multiple times over-a few years older but way more tough than me
Kelly: diagnosed 2006- not quite 40
Lisa: diagnosed 2006- not quite 40-mother of 4
Kim: diagnosed last week-just turned 40, mother of 2
Maggie-just about thirty and diagnosed this month
Cynthia- a survivor
Phyllis-a survivor

And I do this for the breast cancer patients whose deaths I've pronounced in just a few short months as a hospice nurse. Their battles have touched my heart.

If you'd like me to put the name of your loved one up here, leave me a comment or email me. I'll put that name right on this page. If you'd like, there is a memorial tent at the event and I could put their names there too.

Wish us good weather and few injuries-we are off to wage a mighty battle.

ETA the names of your loved ones.


Miss 376 said...

Be thinking of you and all the participants and praying it all goes smoothly

Rositta said...

I will be thinking of you this weekend. This is a disease that strikes too many women in their prime. I haven't been personally touched by lung cancer other than a little scare a few years ago so I consider myself fortunate. Good on everyone out there this weekend that is walking and crewing...ciao

laurie said...

thank you for this.

and in your mind, add two more names:

Kristin, my sister, who died after 7 years of breast cancer.

and cynthia, my sister-in-law, who is a survivor.

Sandy said...

Hoping all goes well and you are out their in the trenches working hard...

60 miles with two herniated discs, my god!!

Rudee said...

Thanks all. Crew day was amazing. 400 volunteers raised 95,000.00 Perhaps we should turn the country's issues over to the national philanthropic trust. So the 3,000 walkers raising 2,200. You do the math. Incredible! In 6 years, this event has raised nearly 500,000,000. Not bad for a bunch of walkers. I'm all credentialed and nearly packed. And I'm off to get my hair cut then hit the sack. The alarm is set for 0330. Ick. Laurie, I added your loved ones and will place your sister's name in the memorial tent.

Anonymous said...

Are you bra twirling as well this year?

Brenda said...

Will be thinking about you this weekend Rudee. That is a very great thing you are doing. Thank You from your blogging bud Brenda.

distracted by shiny objects said...

Blessings to all of you and I'll keep my fingers crossed for great weather. I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers this weekend.

BJ said...

How wonderful that you are doing this Rudee!

Please add my sister's name to the list! She has survived breast cancer for 15 years! Her name is Phyllis Elliott. Thank you so much!

Aka_Diva said...

I love that you get to do this every year!!!
My Grandma just turned 75 last week and she is a survivor! She had in breast cancer 70's.

Elizabeth (Betty) Cope

Love you Mommy #2!!