Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rainy Days

The remnants of Ike will be arriving in my neighborhood sometime around 2 PM today. This, on the heels of a front that dumped 4 inches of rain on us yesterday. There were tornadoes sited in Plymouth, Michigan last night. No doubt, this weather is wacky. By tomorrow, we'll be up about 8 inches total in rainfall for the weekend. What's a girl to do? Knit? Yep. And cook.

This is Clapotis half way completed. It's a rather easy knit once you wrap your head around the pattern. Even if I lose my place, it's easy to find where I'm at by counting rows of dropped stitches and counting stitches on the ends. Thank you Joyce for sending me the link to Soul Knitting's chart! It's a mind saver.

The yarn for my Clapotis is Sisik from Dalegarn. Love. It. As predicted, it's a pain in the behind dropping the stitches because of the mohair content. Mohair sticks. Fortunately, it hasn't felted with the fiddling. I love the color scattered throughout.

Flow is finished. Well, mostly. I have a couple of things to do yet-I need to do the finishing around the armholes. But, that hasn't stopped me from wearing it. One night, I paired it with jeans and a brown corduroy jacket. Another night, I paired it with black trousers and a black jacket.

I liked this yarn a lot but found I had some issues maintaining consistent gauge on my stitches due to it's slippery nature.

Flow, pattern by Nora Gaughan, in Seduce by Berocca. They have a name for this color, but I think it looks like pistachio.

This particular project is all Laurie's fault. It's a learning process as I've never really worked roving into a project before. The yarn is Cascade 220 and the roving is Louet merino top. Soft, soft, soft. And squishy.

These are thrummed mittens. Well, one of them anyway. They're knit in the round on US size 6 needles. The little blue stitch holder is where the thumb will go. The white stitches are where the roving is inserted.

Here is the inside stuffed with fluff. For whatever reason, I think of Winnie the Pooh when I say stuffed with fluff. I started the first mitten yesterday and plan to finish it today while a stew simmers on the stove and the rain totals continue to mount. Laurie, if you want this pair, you can have them. Your winters are colder than mine and I imagine, they'd come in handy for a cold morning walk with your dogs.


Brenda said...

I will be coming back to visit this post often Rudee. I am looking at all of your pictures in awe! I have no clue how you are doing all of this. I see you also have a long list of knitter's blogs on the side, I may have to check them out also. I will probably also check into classes at our yarn shops here. For now I had better just stick to what I know at the moment, which is the absolute basics! The last couple of nights I have fooled around with some, I think it is called "eyelash yarn"...maybe?!?! came in the basket we won. It is really hard to work with for me. This basket has what looks like expensive yarns but only one or two skeins of each. So they will be my practice yarns for now.
Stay dry!

laurie said...

you have no idea how cold my fingers get when i walk the dogs. i have no mittens warm enough. these look like they're do the trick.

i will take them gladly, and with gratitude!

Mrs. G. said...

All of your projects are beautiful-are dropped stitches really a problem? I just pull the yarn all over until it looks mainly even.

Rudee said...

Brenda, knit and purl are the only 2 stitches there are. Everything else is a variation of the two stitches or manipulation of the yarn (yarn overs, slipped stitches made stitches). Flow has only knit and purled stitches with some decreases. The mittens are knit and purled for the rib, knit only for the body or knit through the back loop. It only looks complicated! Eyelash though fun and pretty, is difficult because you can't see your stitches and it's slippery. Go to Michaels and buy some plain lighter colored worsted weight yarn (wool is good because if your stitch slips out, it holds the loop) and whatever size needles the ball band recommends. Also, wood needles help in the beginning-metal is so slippery and tougher to manage your stitches on. BTW, Michaels has classes.

Rudee said...

Laurie, I felt the need to make these for you because you triggered my memory on these. It's my pleasure!

Mrs. G-the dropped stitch is a problem only because the mohair clings and the stitch doesn't want to drop. Any other time, it would unravel several rows-especially if dropping it was a mistake!

Sandy said...

Enjoyed all your recent posts and so glad your daughter is okay.