Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 3 Day List

Lists are a great thing when you're juggling and find you have too many balls in the air.  That's my problem right now.  As far as the new job goes, it helps to be motivated enough that I keep on top of all the paper work.  Sometimes, if I don't write things down, I  find I quickly forget what I did.  I take a lot of calls from people while I'm out on the road.  If I don't jot down those calls, poof!  Gone.  I have little sticky notes all over the joint and my car.

One such sticky note was a reminder to send my Breast Cancer 3 Day team leader a check for my red medical crew fleece.  The deadline was yesterday.  Oops.  I need more 3 Day sticky notes because the Detroit event starts two weeks from tomorrow for crew.  Here is what I need for that:
  1. Stop being a sloth and download that CEU thingymabob so you can get those 21 credits.
  2. Find out where in the hell you stuck that sleeping bag you used 3 years ago.
  3. Come to think of it, where did you hide that not so luxurious pad to cushion your back?
  4. Where did you put your little pillow?
  5. Do you plan to freeze your ass off or should you get some jammies and warm clothes for this event?
  6. Don't you think you should put a last squeeze on friends and family for donations?
  7. Huh?  Well don't you?
  8. What unobtrusive knitting will you take with you?
  9. Don't you think you should give Sandy a buzz as a reminder that you're crewing for her soon?
  10. How about you wash those camouflage scrubs you plan on wearing?  They feel like sandpaper.
  11. Hows about you make a packing list now instead of waiting until the very last possible minute?
  12. Who will drive you to this thing and pick you up?
  13. Call Sebba.
  14. Call Sebba.
  15. Call Sebba.
Pretty soon I'll have enough sticky pads to wallpaper my house.


Brenda said...

I love this image! Thank God for sticky notes!!!

Rudee said...

I'd be lost without sticky notes!

Anonymous said...

I think you remembered to call me, but forgot to tell me what you were calling for.....Call me back.