Sunday, September 14, 2008

Duke says: Ike, Ike Go Away

I'm hoping that this rain stops soon. In a matter of 15 minutes, my street flooded. This is my first attempt at posting a video, so bear with me here. Poor Dukealicious Dog does not like the rain. This poor dog has gotta go-what a stubborn beast! He loves the snow. He'll play all day in the snow and even though he gets just as wet, he hates rain. Just as much as he hates the rain, he hates my camera. Any other time, he'd be ogling me. He's good at the stare down.

About an hour after I took this, there was a lull in the rain. Duke finally got to relieve himself. He'd been holding it for about 8 hours.


WT said...

We had rain like that over the weekend. I wish my dogs hated it, I can't keep them out of it, and they are inside dogs!!

Rudee said...

I bet they get all muddy too wt. Duke doesnt' mind the mud-just rain. I have to push him out the door when it's raining. Obviously, he's a bit too big to carry.