Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll Say a Little Prayer For You

I'm sorry, but I have to interrupt my political pontificating to bring you a very important message. I've never been one who likes to worry alone. Now you all can worry with me.

Mareseatoats is staying in Houston. I've tried to convince her she needs a stat psych consult in respect to this decision but it seems, she's shit outta luck: all of the psychiatrists have evacuated. She promises to guest blog her experiences right here. We have discussed how much wine she should take to her friend's house. I encouraged her to triple her estimate. Here is her first news from the battleground state of Texas:

To all:

I have decided to stay put during Ike's visit. After the terrible experience of Rita, the cities and counties have done a great job. If you are not in the evacuation zone, we stay put. Run from the water, hide from the wind. My area is not in the storm surge zone. Evacuation has gone really well. Businesses have all sent their employees home until the storm passes. So now I'm home but it was a crazy day.

I am going to stay with my friend Stella-Maria just about 2 miles from here. Her husband Steve is on the disaster recovery team for ExxonMobil and that team is located in Dallas. Stella-Maria decided to stay here so we will stick it out together.

Watching this storm has been a wild ride. They are learning a lot . We are expecting winds 75-110 mph and 5-10 inches of rain. One good thing, there is cool front that will follow Ike. Unlike Alicia when the temperature was 95-100 with no power. This time we could have lows in the mid 60's at night, which would making sleeping without air conditioning tolerable.

So don't worry. I'll be safe and I'll let you know as soon as it is over.


***As we were talking on the phone tonight, Mareseatoats said "ooh, I feel a little breeze." I have an inkling she'll be feeling more than that soon. Stay safe Mares!


Anonymous said...

OK---Jokes aren't really going to "ride out the storm" are you?
Your eldest niece....Sara....

laurie said...

good luck! and to my cousin patti, who i think might have evacuated from Weslaco (near brownsville) but i'm not sure. she has four dogs. where would she go??

Rudee said...

Yes Sara, she is riding the storm out. Stella-Maria cleaned out her shoe closet for the two of them.

Laurie, I'll say a little prayer for Patti too. I don't know where one would go with 4 dogs but I think after Katrina, some shelters welcome dogs.

The Crusty Crone said...

As a fellow 'mother' I can imagine your level of worry. I was glad to read that she/they would be out of wave/surge range. During these times of natural disasters so much seems to be a 'hit-or-miss' event. One roof blows off and the one next door doesn't.

I bet she's going to be okay. And I'll be checking here all day and night, too, to keep up with the situation. Just remember... the power is likely to go out at one point or another but that doesn't necessarily mean she's in harms way. You/we'll just have to wait until its all over... but you won't wait alone.

So... how many bottles of wine do you have on hand?

Sandy said...

oh dear... I can't stop watching the WChannel...this looks like a monster. I hope she won't regret her decision. Praying this monster weakens.

Anonymous said...



The Crusty Crone said...

You may have already gathered what you need with regards to links, but... just in case, here's a link to Eyewitness News in Houston. They have continuous coverage (except when breaking for commercials, etc.):

BJ said...

OMG! Mares....I'm hoping and praying that all will be well and that you and Stella-Maria will be safe! Good luck! I'll keep checking back.

Brenda said...

This is looking very scary on the news. I do hope Mares and all of your loved ones will be safe.

Anonymous said...

I had a text exchange with Mares at 6:30pm. The winds were mild yet. She is 41 miles inland so the storm surge should not effect her. I'm sure it will be a sleepless night.


Rudee said...

Thank you all for your good thoughts! So far in Houston only a bit breezy as of a phone call with Mares at 10:30PM. She is a worried but more so for people on Galveston who didn't heed the warnings to leave. It looks awful on television. I just put a pot of joe on since I don't plan on sleeping tonight. Mares assured me at least one of us should sleep but I'll be busy talking to the big guy on her behalf.