Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Day 1 medical lunch stop crew. What wasn't divulged to me when I signed up was that we were to set up all of our own western exposure tents, pop tents and supplies. Yikes! In this picture, our mobile medical camp was only 30% complete. Notice we were still smiling.

What an amazing weekend I had. I'm quite simply exhausted and have muscle soreness where I didn't think muscles existed. But really, I'm not whining. I'm not! Detroit 3 Day walkers and crew raised an astounding 7.5 million dollars. I think that is incredible since the economic downturn in this area of the country has been one of the longest and most severe and still, we raised that much money for this very special cause. Eighty five percent of what we raise will go directly to Susan G. Komen For the Cure. The remainder goes to their partner, The National Philanthropic Trust which organizes and pulls off amazing events like this one. I am so proud to be a participant in such an important venture, so much so, I signed up for next year.

I'm totally exhausted, but in a good way. Everything aches a bit and I think my nose is still frozen from sleeping in an itty-bitty tent on a very cold night. I'm not whining though. Well, maybe a little. If I can figure out iMovie08, I'll post a slide show. Since that promises to be a bit of a challenge, some snapshots of my weekend will have to do. Right now, I have a date with a tempurpedic mattress.


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! You should feel so good, tired muscles and all. I am going to do this next year, it is my goal.

Hope to see more pictures.

Here is my new "home"


Rositta said...

You done good Rudee, I wish you a peaceful and restful sleep, zzzzz...ciao

Rudee said...

Cheryl, if you haven't done it, you should. And if you have done it, it's as hard as you remember but the satisfaction you feel at the end of it is worthwhile.

Rositta, I slept incredibly well and now I'm off for a massage.

Sandy said...

Well wow, sounds like an incredible experience for such a good cause. Way to go.

Rudee said...

Sandy, it was so inspirational. As many times as I've participated, I still cry at opening ceremonies. It is truly emotional and powerful.

Brenda said...

I see you there in the picture on the right. I thank you for all that you did. And I shall make my appointment, and get more involved in helping the next time I have the opportunity.