Saturday, October 2, 2010

Splitty. Is that a word?

True to their word, and maybe a little quicker than they said, Knitpicks sent me three skeins of Swish. What better way to decide if I like it than to cast on a swatch? In this case, I did two. Mitre number one.

And half mitre number two. It took as long to knit the half mitre as it took to knit the full mitre.

The yarn has beautiful stitch definition, but it is a little splitty. One moment the yarn has great twist, and the next, I'm accidentally sticking the needle between 6 plies of yarn. I could learn to live with that given the price of this yarn and the fact that it's 100% superwash merino.

It's the colors I'm not sure about. I like the medium and dark shades, but I think the light shade, Sugarplum, is a bit too light. Yep. I'm not diggin' it. I noticed in the bright light and in the photo that the light color makes the medium color look brown. Besides, don't you think that the lavender is so predictable for the light color?

I will say that after the way my week wound up going south in a hurry, I'm glad I have nothing more difficult to ponder than what colors to use for my next project. Besides, it's wet, cold and dreary around here today. Just the kind of day to stay wrapped and draped in wool.

Now how will I choose to spend this week's overtime? Splurge on Trendsetter's Merino VI? Or save a bundle and buy Knitpicks' Swish?

Decisions, decisions.


SkippyMom said...

Really? You see brown in that? I don't see it all all - purples, definitely purples and lilac.

Neat mitres btw.

Rose said...

Which yarn to buy? Oh yeah, that's what known as a high quality problem. I didnt see brown either.

Michaela said...

I envy your knitting prowess. Splitty is a good description of that very tedious problem. xo

Miss 376 said...

Great mitres though, very effective

jeannette said...

Hmmm, the choice is up to you. I personally would choose color over price anytime, but that's me:)

Devon said...

I really do like the medium and dark. The light is very dramatic in contrast.

One option, loose the light and try a deep dark blue, it may compliment the medium blue and keep the entire color scheme cool.

Looks like such a fun project! Enjoy your weekend!

Devon said...

Oops, I meant to say that the blue would compliment the medium purple.

Rudee said...

Devon...I was thinking exactly that. The medium shade is heathered and blue is prominent. So is red. I just can't do the red/purple thing. Or can I? Hmmm. I may be color swatching forever.