Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blue and Green

Today is a huge day for Michigan football fans as the unbeaten University of Michigan Wolverines take on the unbeaten Michigan State Spartans at, The Big House. That would be U of M's stadium, but to most Michigan fans, it's a place of worship where in Rod (coach, Rich Rodriguez) they trust. Maize and blue or green and white flags are flying everywhere. Pumpkins are painted with an M or an S, people are clad in their team's colors, and the weather, a glorious 71 degrees and sunny, is cooperating. My daughter is coordinating a party today for a couple who were married last night. The couple are interscholastic. She went to Michigan and he went to State. That should make for not only an interesting party, but a marriage with lots of spark.

My son, who is a rabid Michigan fan, will be in the crowd--first row of the student section--and I always love seeing his face on the ESPN post game clips. Look for the kid with the wacky bright blue wig. My son will be the young man standing just next to him. He has yet to miss a home game and has become a regular at a tailgate party hosted by a woman who lives 200 yards from the stadium. For some reason, the boy thinks I should go to one of these tailgates and then to a game. It's not really my thing, but since he keeps inviting me, perhaps I should go. The problem is, I have no maize and blue gear. Maybe I could knit something up...

I have no football plans today. In fact, I'm going to take advantage of the fact that everyone else will either be home watching the game or taking up a seat at a bar, and I'm heading off to look for a storage system to go into my freshly painted yarn room.

I'd be disowned if I didn't add this:

Go Blue!


Stephanie V said...

A hat, maybe? That would be pretty quick.

I'd rather be shopping, too. Hope you find exactly what you're looking for.

Finding Pam said...

While I like to watch college football, I have a hard time sitting still so long. I am up and down and multi tasking that I usually miss something very important.

I will look for your son.

I think I am headed out to target to buy more clear cannisters for my pantry. I started organizing it again a few days ago, but it is still in need of a little bit more straightening out.

Have a great weekend, Rudee.