Saturday, October 30, 2010

Literally man's best friend

It's apparent to me, for the first time ever in my relationships with canines, that my dog has attached himself to the males in the house. It's them he adores. Me? I may be the one who feeds him twice a day, and I may be the one who remembers to buy him his favorite treats (Frosty Paws) at the store, but I am not the one for whom he would take a bullet. That honor belongs to the man, any man, of the house. I picked him out of the pack of abandoned Dobermans and rescued him from a life of woe. I took him to the vet for a look-see and shots, I cover him with a blanket when he shivers on cold nights, and I buy him all of his visits to Camp Bow Wow so he can lord it over other dogs. How does he repay my demonstration of love? With devotion to men.

Last night, Leo completely lost his mind when at about midnight, my son showed up with two of his friends and the three of them took over the basement. They camped out here so they could all take off at the crack of dawn to drive to State College, Pennsylvania for the Michigan/Penn State game tonight. I hope they got some sleep because I don't think the dog did. In fact, he got a lot of exercise running between my husband who was upstairs and the young men camping in the basement about 800,000 times last night. He took complete joy in jumping on the air mattresses and distributing his happiness amongst them. He came upstairs to see me once and only because I asked if he wanted a cookie.

Apparently, I'm completely superfluous to this dog.


If you watch the game tonight (8 PM), look for three handsome young men clad in maize and blue. They'll be holding their one friend's over-sized image which is glued to a stick. He was unable to make it to the game and these guys don't go to any Michigan game without Trevor.


Miss 376 said...

Maybe your mistake was taking him to the vets! lol

SkippyMom said...

I am just going to have to come over there and have a lil' chat with Leo, aren't I? Sounds cute tho' - I can't help but smile.

And I am loving Trevor on a Stick - THAT is funny!

Silliyak said...

Did YOU take him to get "fixed"?

Stephanie V said...

I think Leo is just being a boy-child: always wanting to see what the big boys are up to.

BTW, my verif is 'nonfixed'

Rudee said...

Leo is fixed, but I didn't do it. We got him that way.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well honey it's obvious. leo is gay. (not that there's anything wrong with that!)


smiles, bee

Finding Pam said...

What funny comments today on Leo. My sister's Dobie, Carmen, does the same thing. She loves her son and all men.

Do you think it is a Dobie thing?
But Carmen is always there for the treats. LOL! At least Leo got a good work out with the guys.

Gail said...

Leo is just being a man, look to the woman for food and have your fun elsewhere.

ari_1965 said...

I told you so, Rudee. You said you looked into Leo's eyes at your first meeting and he spoke in your mind saying that he was the perfect dog for you and would love to learn to knit, and, in fact, he'd already had some minor success spinning yarn. I told you that he was just saying what you wanted to hear so that he could worm his sneaky Austrian way into your household.

I told you this would happen. I didn't want you to be hurt. And look what's happened? You bought Leo his own yarn stash, including plastic containers in custom brown and tan colors. But what has he knitted? What has he spun? No, he's off with the boys instead, leaving you so so brokenhearted you can only eat 3 meals a day. I wish you'd listen to me just ONCE.

Sandra said...

Your dog exhausted me just from reading about his treck between the men downstairs and your husband upstairs!
I have been looking at some of your other posts, and although I don't know a thing about knitting (I had to google 'cowl') I love the colour of said-cowl. I think if I learned how to knit, I would probably never leave the house. I'd sit in front of the tv, watch soap operas and knit.

Michaela said...

Sigh. Men getting all the credit, whilst a woman does all the work? Gosh, never heard of THAT before!....NOT!!! Camp Bow Wow sounds like fun. U r a great Dog Mom, Rudee...xxxooo

sapphireblue said...

Sheesh! Crazy pooch!