Saturday, June 19, 2010

What have we here?

I snapped these two photos right around dusk tonight--right before the air raid sirens assaulted the neighborhood with horrible sound as they heralded a line of wicked storms. Leo is hunting something very peculiar to him. It's as though he's never seen the likes of this, and maybe he hasn't. We had such a chilly summer last year, that it's entirely possible he's never met these creatures before the past few evenings.

He's charmed...and charming as he stalks fireflies.

Two nights in a row, he's been out at this time of night and is trying to figure this bug out. They come close to him while flashing their lights and he stands as still as can be. When the lights go out it's as though he can't quite put his paw on what's up.

Tomorrow we'll give it another go. For tonight, we're busy staying away from windows.


Kathleen said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!

Jadekitty said...

That is awesome! Hopefully the storm weather passes quickly.

SkippyMom said...

Love me some Leo! He is so great. Bless you for adopting him :D

And good wishes the storms pass quickly for you. Take care.

Miss 376 said...

Our dog caught a bee the other day, he thought the tree had bit him!

willowtree said...

I LOVE fireflies, but sadly we don't have any here.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

stay safe honey. he is so cute!!

smiles, bee

Stephanie V said...

Hope the storms weren't too bad.
I've never seen a firefly. One of those things that I've read about and can see in my imagination. probably nothing like the real thing.
I can see whey Leo is fascinated with them. He's such an interesting dog.

Rositta said...

He's just as intrigued by fireflies as I am. Amazing doggy...ciao

Sandy said...

So Leo is looking at lightning bug! I remember those fondly from my childhood in Kansas City. I like that dog, i want one.

Finding Pam said...

Dobbies are such interesting dogs. I did not know that they liked to dig so much. Ours(sister's now) goes after anything that is in the ground. She is relentless til she finds it.

On another note, our little dog bit a wasp and his mussel was so swollen. I did not know what got him, but gave him benedryl. He is still trying to bite those wasp.
You would think he would have learned from the first sting.

I am glad the storms passed.

Devon said...

That is incredibly cute! We have no fireflies in California. When we visted family in the midwest a few years ago, my kids were so enchanted! They are the greatest bugs!

Anonymous said...

That is so very sweet. He is looking so intently, really trying to figure it out. Love it.

I'm glad the storms passed you by.