Sunday, June 20, 2010

Convoluted Justification

I've been really disliking the windowless wall in my living room. The love seat holding up that wall didn't look good no matter how it was angled. As seating goes, it was the least comfortable piece of furniture I've ever purchased in my life. To be honest, life is too short to be miserable, so while furniture shopping for my husband's Father's Day gift, I bought a little something for myself. After all, he wouldn't be a father to the children he has without me, would he? Believe me, I can justify anything.

I've always wanted a place to faint. Perhaps when Sara comes by later, she can snap a photo of me falling out because Mr. Larger Than Life has just dropped by for a celebration dinner and has wrestled the remote control from Rachel. Ugh.

This book shelf is temporary. What I imagine behind this chais is an entire wall of shelving for my books, tchotchkes, and of course, knitting supplies.

Just so he has somewhere to put his feet up after a long day weeding out wretched refuse and huddled masses, we got my husband this chair. He really does deserve it and since we moved the first time a year and half ago, it's the one thing he's really missed. We left his at Rachel's Place.

I'm sure Leo knows it's not his chair, but his master's. Perhaps he thinks he's just keeping the seat warm. MLTL is going to have a fight on his hands for a place to sit today. If I catch either one of them on my fainting sofa, there will be hell to pay.

Happy Father's Day. If we can stay out of the ER today, I'll count us blessed.


Miss 376 said...

looks like there is trouble ahead, lol. Hope you get a chance to sit in it and enjoy it.

Brenda said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear the story at the end of this day. Those are two different chairs aren't they? The chaise is yours and the one Leo is on is your hubby's?

Gail said...

Leo's chair may not be shared...better get another for hubby.

Looking good but comfort is the most important.

Silliyak said...

Watch out for "The Vapors"

sapphireblue said...

All you need is some smelling salts. "Fiddle dee dee" I'm totally jealous of that chaize(sp?).

Larjmarj said...

The chair? really does belong to the dog. No, really. ;-) I've always wanted a fainting couch but I'm afraid someone would try to psychoanalyze me.