Thursday, June 17, 2010

We pause for this announcement

from the BP (big people)

For criminy sake, get a better speech writer.

And you know, even though I know my actions are a tiny drop in a great big ocean, and that I can never be sure what I'm buying didn't originate from a BP refinery, and even though BP doesn't own all of its namesake stations, I'll never willingly spend another nickel at a BP gas station. Multiply that by the amount of small people who feel the same, and I think we could make waves. I'm hopeful the ripple effect could be a financial tsunami of the sort Big People never considered.


SkippyMom said...

I think avoiding BP gas stations is unfairly targeting the owners [of the stations] who are in long term contracts with BP [that they cannot break] and aren't the ones responsible for the oil spill.

It just adds more punishment to the hardworking, small business owners. Just like all the people in the Gulf affected by this.

It is a mess - that is for sure - but that is adding to it. Also by using BP gasoline it keeps them in business that much longer, keeping them from bankruptcy, which would ultmately hurt payments to the Gulf coast.

[sorry, I know, I know - I never disagree with you but this time I have to. sorry.]

Rudee said...

It's ok to disagree. I just can't in good conscience keep using their product. If you saw the hearings, or have read the safety violations against them, your feelings may change. I don't know how else to make change happen if I don't show it with my hard earned dollars.

SkippyMom said...

I have watched the hearings and I do know what they have done regarding safety - they are already in the hole, so to speak, and will have to do better in the future. I can only imagine all the oil companies are running scared and fixing what wasn't done right to begin with - like BP. The other companies just haven't had a spill, yet, regardless of what they testified to in the hearings - I find it hard to believe every single other oil company is absolutely on the same page, as they appeared to be during the Senate hearings. They are covering their behinds.

I am just not willing to punish the working man to make a point to a huge corporation at the expense of the ultimate payouts to those most harmed. If BP doesn't have the money there won't be enough for payouts to save the Gulf and it's people in the long run.

I do thank you for agreeing to disagree, I respect your opinion always. But please don't assume I am uninformed because I don't talk about world issues on my blog. I find it gets me more grief than I really need.

Rositta said...

It was a bad choice of words definitely, and I'm not sure that this is what he meant to say. You have to know German to know that. I doubt very much though that anyone will boycott the company, these things start with outrage but never continue for very long. The bigger issue is America's unquenchable thirst for oil and until that is addressed these types of accidents can and will happen again...ciao

Rudee said...

Yes, I see your point about the effect of boycott on the rest of us, SKippy, but when does BP get to pay for having 97% of the worst safety violations in the industry?

This debacle will fall on the rest of us when BP is long gone.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish we could make a dent in that elite false face.

Ruth said...

I boycott organisations I don't like - I will not buy CSR sugar as they company was responsible for most of the asbestos related cancer we have here cos they owned the mine - it dosent' make any diffferent BUT they are not getting MY money. It didn't help that they also make cement and my husband buys trucks of it.
BP sounds condescending and seems to have little or no regard for the workers that were killed or the people who work and life is now compromised.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i don't think he meant it that way, i believe it was a language mistake. but then i can be fooled by bums sometimes!

for some reason our bp stations gas is ten cents a gallon more than the others? what's up with that? i do feel sorry for all the bp workers that are innocent though. it's just a mess in the highest degree.

i also feel sorry for the stockholders that were counting on the dividends for their retirement. blech to the whole thing.

what a cluster f***.

smiles, bee

Donna B said...

What a colossal JERK he is!!! Someone should try stuffing HIM in the broken pipe! His ego should fill the "leak" nicely!

Larjmarj said...

I'm boycotting BP because really, it's the only way that I can "make a difference" in this whole mess. Will it actually make a difference? Only time will tell. I'm becoming so disillusioned with everything that's been going on lately. I feel like this country is in a corporate stranglehold and I don't know how we're going to get out of it. It's bad enough that corporations were given personhood but now they're able to contribute directly to campaigns? Aren't lobbyists bad enough? It's becoming more and more like "Idiocracy" every day.