Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Odds and Ends

There's been an incredible amount of action going on at my neighbor's house. If I lived in a dicier neighborhood, I would think this particular home was a crack house. With 3 little mouths to feed, what seems like non-stop, the adult robins are flying back and forth all day long and well into the night with food. With such a tiny nest, I can't see this lasting very long. There's barely room for mom to sit anymore and when she does, she looks like she's perched high above the nest in a hovering mode. Yesterday, I could see only two of the wee ones with their necks elongated and beaks sticking way up in demand mode. Today I see three little beaks resting on the edge of the nest while mom and dad look for breakfast.

I'm tired for their parents.

Hog-Dog Leo.

Here is someone I know would not share his food no matter how many starving pups he had. I do believe that this is the longest time a cookie in his possession has lasted. He usually hides them all immediately in his gut.

Not too busy last night...block #4 completed with block #5 well under way. I'd say this photo is more representative of the true colors of this blankie. The cast on edge of this is in the middle at the bottom right of the oatmeal colored square. I'm completely charmed by both the yarn and the pattern. Here is a link to the free pattern if you don't own Mason-Dixon Knitting. The pdf link is hosted by Amazon. After reading this link, it's apparent that the border isn't published, but it's about 8 rows of garter. I'm planning on doing an applied I-cord border. Here's a video link for accomplishing this. I'm still many stitches away from doing the border, but I am considering the options. Another would be a ruffled border. I'll have to go check out my Nicky Epstein books for ideas.

I'm in a vacation countdown mode. Twenty two days until respite. I hear those mountains calling my name.

Have a great day!


SkippyMom said...

I swear Leo looks exactly like a black and tan dachshund on 'roids. What a face. :D

Rose said...

I agree with SkippyMom about Leo. Perfect description! As for the blanket, I vote ruffle edge!

Miss 376 said...

Hope those three weeks fly by, you deserve a break

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The Crusty Crone said...

awwwwww, cute little beaks. I think we have a bird's nest in the place between wall and roof of the apartment bldg. I can't see anything from my position, but I can hear them.

A vacation... good for you!!

Anonymous said...

I love your "neighborhood".. You know... I don't think I've ever met a robin in person? I love your photo.
LOVE your DOG.. I'll trade YOU? Barney for your guy?
Hope you're doing well.

unmitigated me said...

My neighbor at work is a little high strung. There is a red-wing blackbird female we refer to as Kamikaze. She dive-bombs anyone who comes near her nest, and when I say 'near,' I mean about 15 feet!

Stephanie V said...

Bird parents - especially some moms - are so worn out by the time those babies can fend for themselves. Nice pic of those beaks.

I love I-cord - especially as an applied border. Cool.

Hey! I just noticed the previous comment re interview. More coolness.

Gail said...

I thought of your birds as I watched some feathery parents hop around and sing to their children. They were teaching them how to find their own food.

Leo has found his dream home.

I adore the blanket.

Anonymous said...

Oh so good you are going to have a vacation. You have earned it gal. When watching the momma birds and bunnies here too. congrats on the blog interview.

Ruth said...

Glad you have a vacation planned. Enjoy.
I've got a holiday coming up in 10 days I'm off to San Antonio - Texas - for a Zonta International Convention - will be very busy but I'm planning on having lots of fun.
holiday anticipation is wonderful.

Rudee said...

Ruth--I hope you have some play time in your schedule. San Antonio is beautiful. Have fun!

Jane@WildeThymeKnits said...

What a lovely pic of Leo! He's quite the charmer.

Brenda said...

Oh I LOVE this blanket. Going to the mountains sounds great!