Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Entering another dimension

Warning: when wearing 3 D glasses, objects right in front of you may appear closer than they really are. When you reach out to grab said object, you will come up with nothing to show for the effort, however, you will give your children a lasting memory of how silly you looked.

With great trepidation, and only because we never know how this plan will pan out, my oldest kids and I decided to drag Stinkerbell out to the movies with us. Hating anything on her face or head, she steadfastly refused to wear her own 3 D glasses, which may have been a good thing. On the whole, she was really good today. There was no whining, which is really annoying when performed by a 20 year old, no incontinence (a bonus) and as long as we supplied her with never ending soda, Sno-caps, Sour Patch candies, popcorn and nachos, she was entertained. Here and there she paid some attention to the movie. The amount of soda this human consumed makes the absence of incontinence a miracle. I did however plan a mid-movie potty break, so maybe it was my wisdom that prevailed.

Shrek, Happily Ever After, was, as Sillliyak warned, a bit on the dark side, but nevertheless, very funny. No spoiler alerts here, but I do need to get myself an array of wigs to match my moods. I loved Stiltkin's angry wig.

About 2/3 of the way through the movie, fueled by chocolate, caffeine and sugar, Stinkerbell had taken all the sitting she could tolerate. Not caring a hoot about theater decorum or manners, she stood up to watch the movie and dance and sway as she usually does. We were seated in an area with a wide aisle right in front of us, so she had plenty of room for her escape. Engrossed in the movie and wearing my glasses, I barely noticed she'd vacated the seat Sara and I had flanked and by the time I did, she'd moved further than I estimated. Certain I couldn't miss, I grabbed for her belt and and came up short, then Sara grabbed for her with the same outcome. Not giving up, or even considering the 3 D glasses were creating depth perception issues, I tried again. And again. Each time I attempted to corral the child, I came up with air. Everyone was highly entertained by this event.

We picked a good time to go to the show and missed a torrential downpour and storm. There was just enough time to get home and barbecue some burgers before the next wave of storms hit. While busy in the kitchen, my son and his father conspired to bring MLTL back for round two. He was better behaved tonight, though he still makes a ridiculous fuss over the presence of my dog. He'll have to get used to it. That dog isn't going anywhere.

Don't miss the opportunity to see Shrek in 3 D. It was wonderful and provided many laugh out loud moments.


Ruth said...

please the MOTM behaved himself as much as he could -sounds like a family sort of weekend. They are always entertaining

Michaela said...

Hi! I watched a Memorial Day hockey match today on cable while I was at the gym. I thought of you, cuz I know u ike hockey! I think it was in Chicago. There were some dudes with Indian Chiefs on their shirts. I got to hear the Star Spangled banner all the way through, which is rare, because we dont really play sports against the US. I DO know the New Zealand, English, Canadian and South African national anthems though. Glad Shrek was fun and no incontinence occurred. I cant wait to see it!!

SkippyMom said...

Sounds like a great day at the movies. I really, really want to see Shrek but I am too cheap for the $12.50 tickets [and that is the matinee!] I am laughing imagining you reaching for air with the glasses on! Funny.

Glad to see the dog annoys your FIL - he must be the crankiest cuss if that sweet puppy is an annoyance. Good choice in pets Rudee! :D

Brenda said...

You made me laugh when you described Rachel dancing in the aisle and you trying to grab her with your 3D glassses on. What a great day you had with the family...even MLTL got invited back.

sapphireblue said...

I really want to go see Shrek. I'm glad you had a great holiday weekend.

Stephanie V said...

Still laughing. No, I know it wasn't funny but, really, ha, ha, ha!
I've never seen a 3D movie. Not sure if I should try it now.
Sounds like a perfect stress-buster adventure, though.

Gail said...

She had a good time and that was the whole purpose. It is wonderful that you all went.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well it seems a good time was had by all and you are none the worse for wear! ha ha ha

thanks for the laugh tonight, picturing this!

smiles, bee