Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spin Out

No, I didn't have an accident on our snow covered roads. I was perplexed last night when the city sent the snow plows out at 1 in the morning. Now that doesn't bother me because I'm just getting off work at that time, but I'm sure it annoyed all of my neighbors who work the day shift. And, um, duh...the street has cars parked everywhere up and down the street at night. There's not a sole parked out there during the day because they're all at work. As a result, the no parking side of the street got plowed (nice), but the parking allowed side is still deep with snow.

Wednesday was a slowwwwww work day for me. And I do mean slow, so I did quite a bit of spinning last night while I waited for the hospice hot line to ring. It never did. Well really, I wasn't technically spinning, I was plying. Although there are only a few votes for the yarn selection for the mitts, it looks like the hand spun is winning the vote. I thought that photo I showed you would have let you know it wasn't quite done (you know...still on the bobbins). It still needed to be plied and the chocolate yarn needed a bath. To be exact, it took six baths to come clean. There's a chance that I'll fall a wee bit short on the brown yarn, but there's more fiber where that came from and will only take a few hours to spin up.

Maybe the phones will be just as they were last night. Now that would be a miracle.

If you haven't voted on the yarn I'll use for my mitts, have at it. The poll is in the top left corner.

I'm now ready for whatever you choose.


Stephanie V said...

I went with the handspun since I think mittens should be really warm if you live in a cold winter climate. Alpaca is heavenly warm.

Miss 376 said...

I went for it too, it looks gorgeous,it would be so lovely to slip your hands into gloves made from it

Ruth said...

Snow plough- never seen one except on TV - saw pictures last night - I think of Washington - just snow everywhere totally beyond my comprehension as to how to live with it. Looks so pretty but must be difficult to live with at times.Alpaca mittens will be nice and warm.

Rudee said...

Ruth, I've never seen snow like they got in Washington. It has to be overwhelming. I mean, when you shovel it, after awhile, you run out of places to stack the snow.

Rositta said...

I'm so glad the snow is staying south of the border for a change. This has been a record breaking (so far) year for us with the least amount of snow since the 30's. Not complaining either, not after last winter where it went the other way...ciao

Gail said...

At least the plows did not add more snow to the parked cars.

As wonderful as Alpacha feels on the skin, I voted that way. Went with what I personally know. Wonderfully warm, soft, did I say warm?

I do love these colors.

Cheryl said...

I love Alpaca. We have a farm down the road, and I love to visit. I love the animals, but also the warmth and beauty of the material. I hope it wins, and I did place my vote. I think it would so beautiful on your hands. Actually, you would make either one look beautiful, but I have a soft spot for Alpaca.

I hope your phone is very quiet tonight, as well. Happy spinning!

Miss T said...

Both pretty. But I do like that handspun.

NCmountainwoman said...

I also love Alpaca. I can't imagine the skill it takes to spin it uniformly.