Monday, February 15, 2010

Passing the Hours

One of the biggest complaints I have about watching Olympic coverage on television is that it's hard to watch what I want. For instance, last night's coverage jumped from moguls to luge to skating and then back to moguls. It was all over the place. Out of frustration, I turned the channel to catch up on something else.

I don't know how I've missed the HBO series, Band of Brothers (a story about Easy Company of the US Army's 101st Airborne division and their battles in Europe), but I have. I can tell you quite honestly, that what I know about WWII and the European battles, I learned here and there and mostly from movies like Patton and Saving Private Ryan. I've not done a lot of reading about that part of history. I've read several books about the Pacific battles in WWII and plenty of books about the American Civil War, but none about Europe. Shameful, I know.

In March, HBO will air the Spielberg/Hanks series called, The Pacific, and I thought it was time to catch up on their first series. I've been hooked all weekend. So far, while I've been knitting, I've watched 6 out of 11 episodes, each about an hour long. I'll have to wait for episodes 8-11 as they're not on demand yet, unless I can find them on Hulu or at the local Blockbuster store.

If you haven't seen this series, it's really worth the rental. If you have HBO digital service, episodes 1-7 are on demand with the last four set to air over the next 4 weeks.

On the knitting front, well it seems I've pulled a muscle in my right shoulder--the one that carries my work briefcase. I've had several treatments on it, but it's still sore. That hasn't stopped me from knitting, it's just slowed me down a smidge. Today, I'll set aside the shawl which is giving me fits, and cast on for the mittens. I'm pretty excited about those mittens and I'll be using the handspun yarn you voted for. If you're interested in learning a clever technique to enhance the border of mittens, or a hat, here's a video about doing a braided border.


Rositta said...

That's a very clever technique, I'll have to try it on my next hat. I'm sure your mittens will be lovely. Have a great day...ciao

Stephanie V said...

I know exactly what you mean about there being other stuff to watch on TV. Which is, happily, where I do a lot of knitting. So, sadly, I watch a lot of TV and round it goes...a mixed blessing.

Like that braided technique. Good luck with the mittens - and your shoulder.

Gail said...

Your fingers work magic! I could never imagine I could do that in a million years.

Does this mean you get a few days off with a sore shoulder. If so, I would think it would be worth the can tell I need a day off.

Gail said...

I just have to make another comment. resignme is the word it profetic? Did I spell that right?

Miss 376 said...

Gloves will be a lot easier on the shoulder. Hope it feels better soon, not much fun when it interferes with the important things, ie knittin

Brenda said...

I came here earlier, but must have gotten interrupted. I would like to see that show, but I don't get HBO. I think they have it on History channel sometims and hope to see Pacific also. I need to watch the edging video, because it looks really nice.
Hope your shoulder gets better real soon!

Anonymous said...

I am going to check out Netflix for that series. I love Netflix it is so easy to find movies and TV series I have never even heard of. I agree about the Olympics I hate the commercials and the switching back and forth.

Miss T said...

That braided trim is very cool!