Friday, July 11, 2008

What Do I Pack?

A better question is what don't I pack?

One day, maybe Saturday if I win the lottery Friday, I will pack reasonably for a trip.  I tend to take everything because I can't make up my mind what I think I'll want to wear in one day or two.  I just know in my heart that I'll get to my destination and want for something I forgot.  For this trip, I packed way too much for a country vacation.  The only thing one really needs are shorts, tees, flip flops and maybe, one nice outfit.  A jacket or sweater always comes in handy for the air conditioning.

The reality?  I packed a dress, a skirt, jeans, 3 pair of capris, 2 pair of shorts and enough underwear to last a month of Sundays (you never know if you'll need them all.)  I wasn't done with the list. Four bras (color choices are important), 2 pair of pajamas, a pair of cargo pants, 2 jackets, one sweater, 8 tee shirts, 4 tank tops, one raincoat, 2 pair of flip flops, 2 pair privo shoes, 1 pair of keens, one pair of brown shoes and a partridge in a pear tree.  What the hell?  Am I nuts?  Of course, I didn't even use 20 percent of what I brought.  

I packed speakers for my Ipod and left my Ipod at home.  The camera did get remembered.  I packed 4 books (5 if you include the sweater pattern book) and read none of them.  I took a pair of socks I'm knitting and didn't work on them.  I took an extra skein of yarn in case I got productive.  I took all my interchangeable knitting needles and forgot I'd brought them.  I borrowed a pair from my sister to make a purse from yarn I bought while I was there.  The stash I took remains untouched.  I was led astray at the yarn store, yet again.

I wasn't done with the packing inventory as we've not yet discussed "products."  That would be the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, 3 kinds of moisturizing creams, makeup, more makeup, hair gel, hair wax, no hair brush (it is short, short, short), more makeup, perfume, a razor, advil, benadryl (I can't sleep in a hotel), thyroid medication and a thermal coffee cup.  I remembered my laptop but so did everyone else.  It was sort of redundant and I can only say, thank the heavens for wifi. 

Let me see, I left Saturday and came home Wednesday and  was traveling alone.  There was enough packed for a month long stay.  In case of a clean panty emergency, this was a home complete with washer and dryer.

After I win the lotto Friday, I'm leaving town with nothing.  I'll get what I need once I get to my destination.  The buying spree will begin at a car dealership  with the purchase of a  Ford F350 for packing materials.  Certainly, that truck could be filled like the Clampett's truck in no time at all.

Are other people as crazy as me?  I hope so.  I'd hate to think I'm the only one who packs this way.


WT said...

Sadly, you're not alone here. Oh, I'm definitely not with you, but I'm sure there those who are. I've travelled for a year with less crap than you packed.

Rose said...

Other than overpacking books and knitting, I am a very light packer. Both my first husband and my current (and last) husband overpack though. I think my light packing is partly a rebellion against gender stereotypes and partly cause I wear the same things all the time anyway. But that's okay, it takes all kinds. Love the purse; may have to copy it.

Rositta said...

That's about what I take for 7 weeks in Greece although this year I might have to take less. They've reduced the weight limit on luggage to half (46 kg). My son once traveled 5 weeks in Thailand with one backpack and I'll never know how. Guys are different...ciao

Rudee said...

Well, you three seem to be thrifty packers and nobody else is fessing up to my malady. Heh. It really is ok as long as I'm not flying. The good part is that when I get home, I have a lot of clean clothes They may be wrinkled, but they're clean.

laurie said...

holy shit. HOW long will you be gone?

i tend to overpack books.

Rudee said...

Laurie, I was only gone for 5 days. I'm a tad indecisive. I also packed 5 books for 5 days