Thursday, July 10, 2008

For AK

A garter stitch purse in Noro Daria Color 23, 2 skeins (hint: if you buy 3 skeins, there will be enough for two bags.) There is a picot cast off and a double crochet strap. Click on the picture to see the sheen of this yarn. Of course, I bought a lot. It looks like jewelry. Given that, can knitting with metal be far behind? I think not.

I finished this little purse for my niece while in Virginia. I had to bring it home to do the seams and the strap. I even taught myself double crochet to finish it up. The crochet wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The difficulty for me is that only one needle is involved and somehow, that's confusing. I'll have to practice so I can do a broomstick lace project my sister has suggested. At least that involves one giant knitting needle in addition to the crochet hook.

The song below was played frequently by my niece while I was there. Apparently, she likes it. Lucky for me, so do I.

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